The Software giant Microsoft, remains, thanks to its thriving Cloud services on course for Success.

In the past quarter (to end June) the lap of the profit in the year-on-year by 49 percent to 13.2 billion dollars (11.7 billion euros), as Microsoft announced after the U.S. stock market closing at the company’s headquarters in Redmond (Washington state). While this was also instrumental in a tax credit of $ 2.6 billion, but operating profit grew by a strong 20 percent.

Microsoft deserves more splendidly to its booming Cloud business with IT services on the Internet. The flagship of the Azure platform for the company – the company’s sales climbed to 64 percent.

Overall, the group increased the revenues by twelve percent to 33.7 billion dollars. Both profit and sales were above analysts ‘ expectations. Investors reacted positively: The stock extended its gains after trading hours initially, by a good percent. In the previous year, the rate is almost 35 percent in the Plus.

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