Netflix knew on the stock exchange for many years only one direction: straight to the top. To incredible 8500 percent, the share price increased in the last ten years. The Streaming pioneer mixed Hollywood and the classic TV industry and made many investors rich. There was a Hall of Fame of Wall Street, Netflix would be one of the hottest contenders.

But the mood is now tilted. On Wednesday, the company presented its latest quarterly figures. The expectations were already muted in the run-up to, accordingly, was clear to all that the Numbers would not be rosy. With what has been presented finally, but hardly any of the investors expected: for the First time since 2011, Netflix had a drop in subscribers in its home market of USA give. 130,000 customers were lost in comparison to the previous year. For the success-spoiled group is a debacle.

it was enough at the end for a slight Plus, owed, Netflix, the development in the Rest of the world: In the second quarter, 2.7 million new paid subscription-based were added to the bottom line. So Netflix remained far below the expectations of five million new users. That turnover and profit was increased, there was only a weak consolation. The share price rushed after trading hours to twelve percent.

threat on two levels

The reasons for the feeble Numbers are called quickly from: according to The company, slowdown in the growth especially in the markets, where recently prices were increased – including in the United States and Germany. In addition, the boot in the last few months were not as attractive as hoped. For the next quarter is more optimistic: With the third season of “Stranger Things” was to run the business well, this Friday the new season of the Bank robbery Show “house of money” starts.

But Netflix needs more than just these two Hits, because the real test is yet to come: Disney, Apple, and HBO’s owner, AT&T will launch in the coming months, own streaming services, and existing competitors, such as Amazon, Sky or Hulu show no signs of fatigue. The threat takes place on two levels: on the one Hand, the attackers have immense funds, on the other, sought-after content.

An investigation showed that more than half of the currently 50 most popular Netflix Shows, other stations want to join in the near future into the Streaming business. Many of them were yet to see against license fee for Netflix, but more of that soon: The company will lose with “Friends” and “The Office,” his two most successful US Shows on direct competitors.

Netflix needs to create their own classics

especially the video platform “Disney+” is expected to reduce the number of tiles in the Netflix menu clear: Disney is the most successful movies of the past few years, including all of the Marvel super hero movies and the “Star Wars”series. Since the Acquisition of Fox famous animation brands such as the Simpsons to Mickey-Mouse-group also belong to the world.

Netflix has recognized the Problem early and trying to keep up with new own productions, the audience at the bar. This is, however, in the money: last year, the production budget of the media was reporting that twelve billion dollars, this year it has increased to around 15 billion. In addition, almost three billion for Marketing to come to this. The mountain of debt has already grown to more than ten billion, to a removal is not only thinking once. However, Netflix has to take on higher risks in order to have a Chance.

Netflix needs new fields of business

is likely to be The next two years for Netflix is the key. The group needs to screw the revenue up excluding a large part in stretching its users to be welded. The subscription fees you can’t increase endlessly, the current Figures show only too clearly. Many investors are asking the group to open up further sources of revenue and to turn off such advertising. Of these, the Netflix creators keep but so far nothing: “We believe that we operate in the long term, a more valuable business by means of us out of the competition for advertising revenue and, instead, entirely to the satisfaction of the audience compete,” it is in the letter to shareholders.

Instead of advertising uses Netflix on other revenues: Product Placement. In the new season of the Mystery series “Stranger Things” have been positioned more than 100 brands, including BMX bikes, Walkie-Talkies, Scrunchies, and Nerd glasses. This year, cooperated Netflix for the first time, with fashion labels such as H&M, Nike and Levi’s. Many of the products were sold out to season start. The business with the Merchandise you “copied” seems to be a lot at Disney.

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