Somehow, the house work is always to the women. For Clean and Clean men are turning to, on average, only a third of the time on women. And also, if you do not live in Hotel mum or in a partnership. Even if there is no one that you can leave the annoying work, not brush.

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tried by The investigation, “Good Housekeeping, Great Expectations: Gender and Housework Norms” to clarify this mystery. The study summarizes the concept of home working, however, narrower than in other studies. You have to actually do something, so the time is ticking. Thus, women on average spend on washing for about an hour and 20 minutes per day cooking, Cleaning and Laundry. About a third of them – 30 minutes – is spent for the cleaning. Men consume much less time for all three activities – namely, a total of only a half-hour of the day, and 10 minutes are eliminated exactly vacuuming and tidying up. During the week there are also 70 minutes pure working time.

World’s men plaster muffle

The lower cleaning time of the men is a global phenomenon, even in emancipated Sweden demonstrate. It is commonly assumed men suffer from a kind of dust-blindness – you would not be able to perceive the Filth and Chaos as women and therefore littering the upcoming Work. A well, my Interpretation, which seeks to declarations from the stone age. Even then, women would have kept the cave clean, and to protect the children from diseases, while the men trudged on the hunt for mammoths through the Savannah.

This Thesis is not true, however. In the current study, published in “Sociological Methods and Research” shows. For 327 men and 295 women were asked of different ages, to rate photos of a living and kitchen area. A picture showed a fairly chaotic state, and the other showed the cleaned-up Version. The participants now had to judge the degree of Cleanliness of the rooms and specify how urgent a cleaning was necessary. There is no gender showed the difference – the men saw the dirt in quite the same way as the women.

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it became Exciting in the second step. Because participants were told that the rooms belong to either a man – John – or of a woman – Jennifer. After that, you should evaluate the character of the inhabitants, and decide what impression of the area to visitors would make. And it showed the “Double Standards” according to which the researchers were looking for. Even the uncluttered space has been critically evaluated, when it was inhabited by a woman. For John, the room was perfect, but with Jennifer he would call in the case of visitors with a negative impression. The conclusion: When women cleaned up is not enough, it has to be perfect. The viewer is assumed that a Few inhabit the rooms, it was automatically assumed that Jennifer was mainly for the state responsible.

Messy men

are sorted out, A second finding shows, however, how complicated the world of prejudice. A dirty room was charged to the man much more than a woman – John was immediately regarded as lazy and unreliable – in America, the exclusion criteria for the Dating and marriage market. The messy Jennifer, however, was evaluated worse than their clean alter-Ego, you were said to have no serious character flaws. For Sarah Thebaud, Associate Professor at the University of California is clear: Social pressure and not inside mood leads to the conclusion that women need to do a lot of cleaning. She hopes that women can make in the future of these expectations.

The social pressure may be True. However, many factors were not considered at all, since it was only for an Experiment with photos. Interesting questions that could be answered only by a real field research would be. About: How to set up the apartments of male and female Singles? Are the sexes equal-consuming, or to choose a style that requires little effort? And exciting is the question of whether male living Alone have to live with the consequences would be, of course, if you spend so much less time for the household. In other words: If you run around with dirty clothes, and filthy apartments.

source: Sociological Methods & Research

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