introduced As Steve Jobs in 2010 the first iPad, implored he the end of the computer and especially the laptop up. We would all be in favor of Tablets, according to the forecast. But as a work tool, the mobile computer remained unbeaten. While Tablets in the Surface series and the iPad Pro as an increasingly potent job poaching tools in this area, also witnessed the classic Notebook in a second spring with many Features that are on Smartphones long ago, of course.

many customers think the Laptop first, to boredom, is probably related to replacing the units are now much rarer than in the past. Also, because the Smartphone has long since replaced as the main device. “If the customer bought the last Time before 6, 7 years, a Laptop computer, connect with the term often old, thick and heavy. Since then, it has been done but a lot of it,” explains Marcel Behm, the change in the perception. He is with Acer for the Mobile products responsible.

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In the process, laptops have changed tremendously in recent years, have become significantly more versatile. Since the high-performance Gaming Laptops, the weigh continues to four pounds and more. Then there are the hybrids, which, by folding or Removing the Tablet to use. In the case of the customer, the slim Ultrabooks, however, are particularly popular. Apple had created the Macbook Air is still an exceptional device, has established itself in the thin form factor of Ultrabooks since then as most common design. “We realize that the customers appreciate the slim form factor is enormous. Sales have doubled in the past year,” says Behm.

But not only the slim Design of the manufacturer are based on the Smartphone. The customers have long since accustomed themselves to the mobile network, long running times and Log in without a password. In the case of laptops, many of these Features are not but still, of course. Especially for young customers, you could so hard to Lenovo in its IFA press conference, and was oriented according to how the competitors when the new equipment is clearly the favorite device of modern customers.

The Notebook learns from the Smartphone

The IFA featured devices, more and more innovations, we know from the Smartphone sector get probably that’s why. A steadily increasing number of offers with LTE a self-sufficient Internet supply. The edges are shrunk, allowing for larger Displays in small Housings. Nonetheless, the batteries last longer. And: As with many Smartphones, you will have a quick charge function that supplies power to the device in only a good quarter of an hour up to two hours of run time.

Test Laptop in leather Spectre, Folio 13 im Test: HP reinvents the Notebook is new and the word gets literally By Malte Mans

Also, the touch screen is making a Comeback. After a period of time each Notebook with Touch came along, it looked for a while as if he would disappear, with the exception of specialised models. Now each new model with the finger support comes almost. In addition to the better support by Windows 10, which has a very simple reason, explained Behm. “Touchscreen in the ultra-thin laptops more and more Standard. Against a comparatively small fee.”

password ade

in addition to the touch screen had fingerprint Sensors one of the first Smartphone Features on Laptops by. Entering a password you can no longer impose on the customers for a long time. The Trend for face recognition there are also been around for a while, however, mainly in Business models. In the case of the new Lenovo Laptops which is installed in the Consumer series.

unlike the Business models you have to decide there, but between facial recognition and privacy. While business can SNiP off customers in the infrared-the model of the camera via a switch, the consumer Laptops, only one of the two Features.

Galaxy Book S Samsung new Laptop is thinner than the Macbook – and holds up to 23 hours by Christoph Fröhlich the Notebook Creates the turn?

a trend is If the new models turn create, you have to show up. The PC sales have been falling for years. Although they went in the summer of 2018 short term back up, you broke in the last quarter of 2018. Especially the classic Notebooks dropped in sales significantly. In the case of Ultrabooks, the result was much less dramatic. While a good 25 percent less laptops were sold in the Christmas quarter of 2017, the losses in Ultrabooks only at nine percent. In front of the Smartphone is to place the device in class but safe.

But not only the classic Notebook manufacturers hope seem to see. So Microsoft got in only a few years ago in the market, according to put on to the expensive Surface Book with the Surface is a Laptop and the cheap Surface Go even multiple new models. Samsung had withdrawn, however, from the Notebook business. In the summer, the group presented then, surprisingly, yet again, a new Ultrabook. At the Galaxy Book S, especially the processor caused a stir. As the first manufacturer to Samsung built-in a Snapdragon processor in a Notebook. The Qualcomm root ends of the ARM Chips had previously only been known from other devices, namely Tablets and Smartphones.

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