The still-young technology of Virtual Reality has, according to forecasts by the consulting firm PwC, has the potential to outgrow soon the niche market. How PwC determined, rose in Germany, VR proceeds to 2018, to 116 million Euro.

This is an increase of 38 percent compared to the previous year, was informed by PwC on Friday. By 2023, the company expects an annual growth average of 19 percent.

The largest share, therefore, with 62 million euros on the Games industry (plus 31 percent), followed by Proceeds from the sale of the corresponding Videos, with 43 million euros (plus 48 percent). “While it would be too early for these sales figures to derive a breakthrough,” said Werner Ballhaus by PwC in Germany. “But the Numbers suggest the great potential of Virtual Reality already.”

Often, the chances of success of new technologies had been underestimated and overestimated at the beginning tend to, in the medium term, but often more. “Exactly so could it be with Virtual Reality,” says Ballhaus. A few years ago there was a Hype about new applications, which was then followed quickly the disillusionment.

That applications that allow users to immerse themselves in virtual worlds, prove now, but soon their potential in the market, PwC sees a number of factors. The costs for the Hardware are decreased, such as by two new VR Headsets from Facebook, significantly, with the tendency downward. In the past year, the number of VR have doubled and also games for the Playstation more than a hundred pieces almost.

another driving force is likely to offer increasing user-friendliness through mobile goggles, which work without cable connection to a console or PC, appreciate the consultant. As a key technological driver of the ball house, however, the new mobile radio standard 5G. Thus, VR could be devices outside the home network, because 5G will offer the required low latency and is designed for the high volumes of data.

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