It is a unique opportunity: A long-lasting drought has led to the famous Dolmen of Guadalperal to see. The Dolmen is a circle of 150 stones that have been placed in front of 7000 years. 50 years ago, the circle sank in a reservoir, a summer with record heat and drought has led to the lowering of the water level in the Valdecañas Reservoir in the province of Cáceres.

It is believed that the impressive investment in the 4. or 5. Millennium BC, was built. Presumably, the megaliths have worn once a roof made of stone, a room for rituals was created.

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Also the precious jewelry, the woman remained in the grave.

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unlike Stonehenge, the Dolmen of Guadalperal formed as a closed space. The people entered the main room only by a dark, narrow hallway that was adorned with engravings and decorations. The main chamber had a diameter of more than five meters, it seems to have served as a burial space. It is believed that the system was aligned to the summer solstice. Each year, the light of the sun could seem so for a few moments on the bones of the ancestors.

it was Only in the 1920s and again

discovered the Romans, the plant was known, but then they disappeared from the memory, until the German archaeologist Hugo Obermaier in the middle of the 1920s an excavation began.

the Shocking discovery of The first city-dwellers brought about because of Overpopulation systematically By Gernot Kramper

In the time of the Franco regime were constructed dam and reservoir, and as a result, the Dolmen of Guadalperal 1963 were flooded. Thereafter, the tips of some of the megaliths have broken through occasionally, the surface of the water, but never the entire system was exposed. About the handling of the monument, there are divided opinions. Some groups want to put the Dolmen on higher ground. Then you would be as a local attraction is always visible. To be Found in the comparison of the upper maiers have worn the Dolmen of the years in the water significant damage. A hasty salvage operation could cause damage to the substance of the stones, but more.

visitors will have to hurry: With the rains in the autumn and Winter, sink into the stones, probably in the floods.

source: Atlas Obscura

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