It took a long time: for Years, customers asked Sonos to a Box that you can use on the go. With the Sonos Move comes next week in the trade. We were able to try out already – and ask ourselves, what should you exactly need.

In the Sonos program, the Move falls powerful from the frame. Finally, the manufacturer is easy-to-use multi-room systems, so the sound in the whole house. A Box, the carrying back and forth may or may not fit initially into the scheme. In fact, the Move is in the core, but a classic Sonos speakers. Via Wi-Fi as if it were accustomed to the existing System to install, in the App, just like its stationary sibling controlled specifically, or in combination with other use.

Especially as the Move is, if you take him out of his charging station. Thanks to the recess in the back he can then be comfortable with a Hand carry through the area and on the balcony or the garden take. And also for the Trip to the Park or the beach, it is thanks to water – and dust-resistant housing suitable. The Move combines the Sonos comfort and flexibility of a portable speaker. At least that’s the theory.


The simple Design is also in the living room a

©Malte Mansholt star online Flexible Sound at home

But what about in practice? In fact, the use of the Sonos Move in the apartment is very pleasant. The Box can easily be spaces in the Sonos-universe add, and even as part of a stereo pair to use. It is best, however, to operate as their own “space”. Then you is the most flexible. Just if you want to take music on the balcony or in the garden or Move only once in a while to the children’s room can Shine the Sonos Move.

With children, the Move is also a good thing because Alexa and Google Assistant are available ex factory. Unfortunately, you have to set but Is to set up the Move first, for the wizard, it’s just awkward to switch. To use both at the same time, not.


So he survived the day at the beach or the trip, is protected by the Sonos Move dust and splash water. The special shade of black is. in addition, in the case of sun light

©Malte Mans heating is less brings the star online Outside it is loud

on the way the image changes For a Trip in the Park of the Move is suitable especially if you take the car Although he is in the backpack, as a constant companion but he is simply too big and too heavy. The Sonos usual operation there is no on-the-go. Instead of via the Wi-Fi of the Move can then be used only by Bluetooth control. That doesn’t work seamlessly, but manually via a small Button on the back. The Move is quite normal for any Smartphone or other devices can be controlled. You get back home, you will need to switch again. You get used to it though, the seam is used to free Sonos experience, it is not.

Symfonisk Sonos and Ikea to build a speaker that is at the same time, a lamp

On the language assistant you have to do without while on the go: you do not have Bluetooth available.

The duration specifies the Sonos with a good ten hours. In the Test, the came. Compared to other boxes this is somewhat skinny, realistically, it should be sufficient for most purposes. The value of the Move is reached, however, only if you switch off it when not in use also. In the Test, the Box was switched on but without music playing in the car. The next day, the enjoyment of music remained denied, until the Move hung back on the cable.


On the back of the handle and the switch for Switching on and switching between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

©Malte Mans are get star online Good sound quality without Wow

The Sound itself is how Sonos used to be fairly well-balanced, like the One he relies on two Amps, a Tweeter and a Mid Woofer. Genuine enthusiasm does not want to use the sound, but. In direct comparison with Apple’s Homepod (here in the Test) can not enforce the Move. Apple’s voice-speaker sounds, despite the smaller housing is consistently full and warmer. The Move is lacking in comparison with noticeable Bass. Although he has a larger enclosure, is reminiscent of the Move the sound more to the smaller Sonos One.

While Sonos has been oriented to optimize the sound, even to Apple. While you have to eat for the optimization of the sound with the other models in the room with the Smartphone accounted for, the the Move as Apple’s Homepod itself. The built-in microphones by measuring the echoes from the room and adjust the Sound. Thanks to a gyroscope of the Move noted, if you move him. He is turned off again, it measures again. So he adapts his Sound is always the environment.

449 Euro Sonos Beam Test: as good As the Alexa is-Soundbar By Christoph Fröhlich

In practice, the law works well. The Move from a large space into a smaller, he sounds unbalanced to start with something, after a few seconds, the measurement is done, however, and the sound changes audibly. In fact, the Move is sound as a result, both outside as well as in different large rooms, very constant.

you must turn on the Move rarely: Even at two-thirds, he is so loud that gets you out of consideration for the neighbors inhibitions.

conclusion: this is A nice speaker, but too expensive

The Sonos One is a chic, good-sounding speaker, but the clear purpose is missing. As a pure Bluetooth box for on the go he’s no good because of the high weight just due to the, in addition, can not settle down to the automatic sound adjustment but enough of the competition. The real Sonos advantage of the easy-to-use home system is not on the road anyway. For pure home use, the question is whether you drive with several Sonos boxes in the house are more evenly distributed, however.

the biggest drawback of The Move is the very high price – 399 Euro be called. For the same money you can buy two to three small-to-Sonos-boxes or for the better sound in a Homepod to invest. The money then stays still for a lighter Box for on-the-go left. So, we can recommend the Move in good conscience, if you wish for maximum flexibility at home and occasionally outside of music want to hear. And not too much money to look for.

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