The new Fifa 20 on the 27. September come on the market and promises in the run-up to a lot of new features: career mode, Gameplay, Volta. The big Revolution, however, remains. That’s enough to in the medium term, the long-standing rival Pro Evolution Soccer by Konami to hang out?

Gameplay in approaches, improved

EA Sports has made to Gameplay with minimal Changes. The game is slower and the approaches more realistic than in Fifa 19. Especially the two fights coming up this authentic therefore, even if some of the duel remains a somewhat portly and stiff. Here, EA could redress the balance. A new feature that is immediately evident: The balls, promise rings more often. Especially for Fans of the short-pass game is likely to be a challenge overall, the Gameplay makes it more realistic.

“Back to the roots” was in the Fifa creators the Motto, as you wondered how you could free-kicks and penalties in the game to implement better. Compared to the previous title to build in Fifa 20 at free-kicks to a principle, as we know it from Fifa 05. The shooter is based on a Cursor, for selecting the designated flight curve of the ball. To do this, you move the left Stick and placed the crosshairs in the desired area. To do this, you can – if desired – the Ball by Moving the right stick to the Flutter, or simply Swerve in the add. Here, EA has incorporated a very cool Feature that the player has more variance in Standards, and a wonder goal is a worry. In the case of penalties, the principle is the same. So this Change is also so much Exercise you need for a perfect execution in the game. For casual players, especially in the case of penalties to flying controllers could lead.


The Cologne Rhein-Energie-stadium is one of 13 new German stadiums in FIFA 20.

©EA Sports

Long-awaited Changes and new Bundesliga license

Finally, the small community of the career mode, Fans heard EA Sports. He remained in the last few years, largely ignored, the focus was primarily on Gameplay and the Ultimate Team. Even more surprising, the long-awaited Review comes in: to Start a new career, you will notice the first Change. Unlike in previous years, players can create a own Manager, and the appearance of the avatar to your liking.

Also new are the possibilities of a Manager to influence the players. Through interactive discussions and Interviews, and press conferences can boost the morale of individual players or the entire team or lower. A meaningful and good Change can, however, be quickly bored. Not least because of the Manager’s moves in the conversation sequences with the press of the lips, but without a sound track with the journalists put talking. The questions of the representatives of the press are often too monotonous.

Other long-awaited Changes, such as Jersey Editor, or Torhymnen remain, however. But the best news for all football Fans, now that (almost) all the stages of the highest German play class are represented in the game. The only exceptions are Bayern Munich, are due to the cooperation with Konami, the newly promoted Union Berlin and Paderborn and SC Freiburg gets in the next year already a new stadium.


Before the start mode, choose an Avatar as a template and adjust to your liking.

©EA Sports

VOLTA-mode: The re-birth of Fifa Street

The VOLTA-mode, however, is a completely new game experience. Based on the old Fifa Street-times EA gives players in Fifa 20 the possibility, on the streets of the metropolises in the world you Can make small-field football skills. Whether it be with real Teams or in Story mode: for those Who use the right Trick Stick, only rarely, will be on the field no Chance. Who knows, Fifa Street, the white, what is there to expect: fast action, tricky goals and football as we know it from the street.

In the four different modes you can go into the world of VOLTA, and even your own Avatar and create a small story mode complete. There you meet the “The Journey”-Hero Alex Hunter again. The first hit of the VOLTA makes a lot of fun and is reminiscent of approaches actually Fifa Street, without a hint of exaggeration and Unrealistic roll. Matching the name of Outdoor would be Futsal.

By the seemingly endless possibilities in Customizing the character and the various modes in the VOLTA, is the “re-birth of Fifa Street” in the size almost a game of their own.


football on the streets of Miami. In the VOLTA mode is possible.

conclusion: VOLTA scores, career mode needs to prove himself

With Fifa 20 is EA a step in the right direction. There are numerous Changes that will be noticed above all many years of players directly, and the fun is clear to increase. Here, EA Sports has taken into account some of the wishes of the Community. The big Changes will, however, initially denied that there will be probably only with the Release of the new consoles. And yet, the biggest Revolution is in the many small innovations, which offers Fifa 20. The career mode could be for many years to Highlight, provided EA to patches here and there, again via the Patch. It remains to be seen whether the interaction between the Manager and the press will be long-term fun.

the VOLTA-mode, players can also an almost fully own the game, that can help the long wait between the end of the season and a new Fifa Release bridge. Especially for a joint evening with friends of the court, is the recommend mode to. VOLTA could provide for either flying or Controller or, for endless football fun, ultimately, both things that make up Fifa. Something that will not change also Fifa 20.

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