It is a Horror idea: The mountain bike-the way To crash the driver so severely that he loses consciousness. And without any hope of help in the forest. Exactly Bob B. happened last week. Nevertheless, he came in the ambulance again. His salvation: the Apple Watch on his wrist.

Bob’s story of his son, Gabe, was Told in a Facebook Post. Thus, the two were supposed to meet other friends to a common mountain bike Trip. At the meeting point gift suddenly received a message on his Smartphone: The watch his father had discovered a serious fall. The location data of hung. Gabe and his friends were soon on the way – however, at the location specified no one was to be found. Then the second message showed up. The location had changed, it said. Bob was now in the hospital.

PSA: Last Sunday while trying to meet up with my dad for some mountain biking in Riverside State Park (MTB in RSP), I…

Posted by Gabe Burdett on Friday, 20. September 2019

Automatic emergency call

in fact, had pressed the clock automatically to the emergency. An Apple Watch 4 or the new Apple Watch 5 detects a serious fall, it waits a brief Moment, whether the vehicle is moving after that. There is evidence that the carrier has violated, reports the Watch and asks if you want to make an emergency call. There is no reaction, triggers the Alarm and sends the rescue workers from the current Position.

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For Bob, that was the rescue. As he rolled with his wheel, he gave so much head, that he remained, in spite of his helmet is knocked unconscious. The Watch sent the SMS to the emergency contact gift, and to the rescue workers. They sent immediately an ambulance and the fire brigade, who had then taken the bike. As he came shortly before the Arrival in the hospital in the hospital again, and was gone half an hour.

use The Apple Watch as a life Savior

the fall detection to enable the function in the Watch App on the iPhone first, under the “emergency call SOS” and “fall detection”.

The detection of Falls is one of several features that the Apple wants the Smartwatch as a health device position. CEO Tim Cook called the health even as one of Apple’s most important innovation areas of recent years. So the Apple Watch 4 can create as the first smart watch also can be a ECG. Since the Series 1 of the Watch of the heart rhythm, can detect problems and potential problems, to warn. Click here to read the evaluation of heart specialists to this Feature.

With the new Apple Watch 5 is also the emergency much more powerful: Even without a smart phone or an active Sim card, the LTE models can operate independently of the emergency call. A German buyer should not rely on it, but This function is in this country and in Japan, for legal reasons, disabled. For the emergency this country needs a furnished Sim card.

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