newspaper publishers in Germany are currently experimenting with payment models on the Internet and see a lot of opportunities.

What works, is good and ausrecherchierter sound local journalism, and not the cat Video, said the head of the online editorial staff of the “Aachener Zeitung”, Nina Leßenich, on Wednesday in a round of talks with the 33. The Media Days In Munich.

The editor-in-chief of the “Augsburger Allgemeine”, Gregor Peter Schmitz, stressed that it is increasingly about content in such a way that they are for the reader to be relevant. It is also important to understand the reader better.

On the same day, the Association of the Bavarian economy (vbw) presented a study of digital paywalls in front of. As a conclusion, it recommends, among other things, that Newspapers should be investing publishers for optimal alignment of the payment barriers in data collection and analysis. The interests of the customer could be recorded.

The vbw CEO Bertram Brossardt said at the same time, there is no “One-size-fits-all”solution. “Newspaper publishers need to adapt their payment barriers continuously to the conclusion of the establish, finally, a promising revenue model for digital journalism.”

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