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For a long duration, sharp Notches: test is called the best five Smartphones for every use


If you are looking for a Smartphone, you often have not-so-accurate ideas about what you’re looking for. Then Tests like the Stiftung Warentest are helpful: they evaluate the most important aspects in use and technology, weights and at the end of a Note. The camera or the battery pack is one of the most important, you have to seek out a chore, which of the models performs best. Now has the test were sorted in over 100 Smartphones of the last years after use. We call them the five best, depending on the usage scenario.

The Best: Samsung Galaxy S10+

it’s not about the total package, you pass the test the Samsung Galaxy S10+. With plays in performance, Display, battery and camera at the front provides the most well-rounded total package. With a total score of 1.6 missed it the rating of “very good” just a hair sharp. With a price starting from 725 euros for a Premium model is also comparatively cheap.

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The best camera: iPhone 11 Pro Max

the photos Are in the foreground, you should grab the view of were test, but the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Apple’s Smartphone shoots in all conditions, excellent images, also the Videos are very good. With the overall grade “good” (1,7) lands, it is only minimally behind the overall winner. The price is much higher: Among 1240 Euro it is not to get.

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The longest battery life: Samsung Galaxy M20

This is an impressive performance: Complete 33.5 hours Samsung Galaxy, M20, held in the simulated use of the product testers For a “good” rating it would have done even 24 hours. The total package is not convinced, although due to slight weaknesses in camera, location tracking and phone in the same dimensions, nevertheless it is sufficient for a “good (2,3) standings. With a starting price of 210 euros, it also protects the purse.

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TV, camera, Smartphone, Router, The are the best technology deals of the Stiftung Warentest Fullscreen

dust suction robot: AEG RX9-1-IBM X

offers The best compromise of price and performance in current suction robots AEG RX9-1-IBM X. In the Test, and he landed with a good level of suction power and Navigation on the second place, like all other models in the Test, but he had problems with the Cleaning of corners and the handling. Overall rating: “good” (2.5). The price starts at 575 euros.

The entire Test is available for a fee on test.de.

©manufacturer of The Smallest: Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact

With a screen diagonal of “only” 5 inches, the Xperia XZ2 Compact from Sony in the times of the giant Smartphones is almost a dwarf. Nevertheless, it doesn’t have to hide, products test. The performance is not top, with the exception of the mediocre camera Sony makes, but also no failures. The overall rating is “good” (2.3). Since the device is no longer in production, it’s with prices starting from 355 Euro in relation to the performance, but quite expensive.

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The Best under 200 Euro: Xiaomi Redmi Note 7

Because of the price king, but considerably more for the money. The from 175 euros available China model lasts 28 hours, for power and camera, but only middle class. For the price the overall rating is “good” (2.4) but from all impressive.

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The full Test and the explanation of why the smaller iPhone 11 Pro is one of the best devices, you will find a fee at test.de

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