A fire on Board the Russian submarine “Losharik” – Project 10831 – cost 14 seafarers life. Among the dead are high-ranking officers of the Navy have. Seven of the victims of the captains, two more “heroes of the Russian Federation”.

Russia’s defense Minister Shoigu said at a Meeting with Putin that, at the time of the accident, a civilian expert on the U-boat was. According to Shoigu, the misfortune was a hero story. “The U-boat drivers have traded in the critical Situation heroically. They evacuated a civilian expert from the fire surrounding the compartment and closed the door to prevent the fire from spreading any further, then you fought until the end for the Survival of the ship.” All of the men died in the Vapors by Inhalation of smoke and toxic.

military Ups: Putin’s “invincible” nuclear missile has been lost in the North sea By Gernot Kramper boat for special tasks

The “Losharik” is one of the most mysterious U-boats in the world. It was designed neither for hunting ships or other submarines, as the bearer of far-reaching missiles.

The “Losharik” is designed for special missions and has no weapons on Board. For this, she has a robotic arm and cameras for Monitoring under the water. It is named after a horse from a Cartoon, a note to your design: The “Losharik” was built for diving at great Depths. The interior should be, in spite of the length of the boat 70 meters is very limited and made up of seven interconnected spheres of existence.

The accident occurred in Russian territorial waters. In the battery cells of the boat, it came to a fire, said the Minister of defense Shoigu. Putin asked after the reactor. Shoigu replied: “Mr President, the nuclear power plant was closed and all personnel withdrawn. In addition, the crew has taken the necessary measures to rescue the functional device. This means that we can repair the boat quickly.”

Athena Demonstration of This Laser to shoot down five drones in a row By Gernot Kramper

“It is too early to say what caused the fire and whether it was human or mechanical error or not,” said Jeffrey Edmonds, from the Researcher, Center for Naval Analyses in Washington, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. “The incident on the “Losharik” will likely have a large impact on the Directorate for deep sea research, because these U-boats are so advanced and relatively rare.” A fisherman said to a news Agency in Murmansk, he would have observed the “Losharik” near the Kildin island in the Barents sea, as she showed up. “It came completely out of the water,” said the fisherman. “I’ve never seen anything like this before,” he added. “Since people were running around, all on the Deck running.”


display with the photos of the dead.

©Russia MoD for Sabotage actions

The submarine “Losharik” was put into office in 1997 and was, until Recently, the only Russian U-boat that was specially developed for research, rescue and special military operations. The diving depth should amount to 6000 meters.

– monitoring technology, The Pentagon had a powerful spy camera to develop, now you ended up in China By Gernot Kramper

In the West, the fear was always that the “Losharik” for espionage and Sabotage missions was built. Colloquially, this is referred to by the caps of the Internet cable. However, it is rather unlikely that the boat abzwackt of the cable with a gripper arm. Very probably it would be possible, however, that the “Losharik” explosive charges disposed in the vicinity of the cable, so that in case of an emergency, at a stroke, the TRANS-Atlantic communication is interrupted.

Here would benefit the “Losharik” of their extreme depth. Since you boat as a mother ship uses another nuclear-powered submarines, can carry out in the world unnoticed missions. Only Recently, the Kremlin with the “Belgorod has made” a similar boat in service. The “Belgorod” is, however, very much larger and does not need a mother ship. It is itself the mother ship, and would operate with a small diving equipment for deep sea.

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was not Yet engaged in its own territorial waters, the “Losharik” safe with acts of sabotage, as it came to a fire. “One of the tasks of the submarine “Losharik” was to monitor the shelf, as well as underwater telecommunications cable to tap or to separate, to transfer the information about the movements of military ships, as well as their Internet communications and information transfer. However, the main mission these days is the extreme deep-exploration for a possible further mineral extraction shelf,” said the military expert Dmitry Safonov in front of “Russia Beyond”. According to him, to be used for underwater robots. “There are already robots that can work several thousand feet below the surface without human assistance,” he said.

source: Covert Shores, Russia Beyond, The Barents Observer

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