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Mud, ice, and soccer for women – the best pictures of the Royal Navy


Every year, the Royal Navy stands their best photographers with the Peregrine Trophy Award. Your task is to show the operations of the Sailors and the Marines in the best light. Also in this year, the whole span of the inserts is to be seen. From the icy forests, to the Exercises in the desert. Almost inevitably, the jungle training of the elite soldiers and Royal Marines Commandos is. In the photos, Training, touching Reunion, but also the normal work on Board to see. The joint Training of the U20 football team with the Commandos, only the photo was not spectacular.

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Sam Seeley was chosen by the Jury for its Portfolio of images to the photographer of the year in the Royal Navy. “It is very humbling to win this award and to get the custom work is so appreciated. I think, anyway, I have the best Job in the Royal Navy,” he said at the award ceremony.

He loves the diversity of its tasks. “One day, the Royal Marines storm a beach and the next you land in a helicopter on a frigate in the North sea.” The photographer came at the age of 20 years, to the Royal Marines. In Afghanistan, he trained Afghan national police. Then he specialized operations on the Mountain. He is not so “only” a photographer.

the art of camouflage In this scrub twelve soldiers get stuck – recognize a single one?

In London, the swagger, the soldiers of the “Household Cavalry” in the lightning armor around the ends. During a training Exercise in the jungles of Brunei make you invisible and show that you are not a costume troupe for tourists.

The Royal Navy says that they have instructed their photographers to tell the stories of the Sailors and Royal Marines around the world through photos and Videos, and on all the operations with ships of war, and to accompany commando units. The artistic representation in the armed forces of the king of a long Tradition, which is preserved until today Kingdom. As before, the real artists will accompany even the war-painters, the Royal troops in a war.

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