With 30 years has made Jeff Bezos is already a stellar career on Wall Street, but that’s not enough for him. As Vice President of the investment Bank D. E. Shaw & Co, the financial world is open to him, but Bezos is fascinated by the Internet and he has a great Vision. Together with his then-wife MacKenzie, he makes a daring decision and his office exchanged in a New York skyscraper against a Garage in Seattle. Here is the story from Amazon, the largest Online retailer in the world begins.

“Our Vision is to be the most customer centric company in the world, where people can find everything what you want to buy on the Internet,” says Bezos’ vision for Amazon. He is at the beginning, but still far: On the 5. July 1994, reasons, Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos, an Online bookstore. The company is initially Cadabra, but is renamed quickly in Amazon. According to the Bezos-biography “Of all of the seller” of 2013 sound Cadabra too much like cadaver.

After about a year of start-up time was 16. July 1995 the first book sold to an external customer, a more than 500-pages thick Tome on the way of Thinking. Today, a copy of which is at the entrance to the Amazon is on display in the main building in Seattle. What started with books has developed over the years to the biggest Internet store in the world purchase. Today, Amazon is much more than that and its Cloud Services, which provide about Start-ups, IT applications, and storage space in the network, countless companies up and Running. With Whole Foods, the group also operates its own U.S.-based supermarket chain.

Amazon does not want to everywhere,

And Bezos involved long enough In the Streaming business, Amazon is trying with its Prime service is the market leader Netflix to make a competition; with the establishment of their own logistics delivery, the group sets a package delivery company such as UPS, Fedex, or DHL under pressure. No one knows which industries will be added to Bezos as the next up. At the beginning of June until Amazon showed a delivery drone that is already in a few months, the first packets. The fully automatic and fully electric “Prime Air”-a flying device to the first test of small household goods such as toothpaste or razors.

Shortly before the Prime Day of the US Comedian John Oliver Amazon attack focus and the group is offended, reacts

the stock market was the rapidly-expanding Bezos-group due to chronic red Numbers, however, for a long time in a difficult position. But since Bezos delivers reliable profits, he has become the darling of Wall Street. In the first quarter, business was splendid, thanks to the booming Internet trade and the booming of Cloud services, the Surplus grew year-on-year, unexpectedly strong 125 percent to $ 3.6 billion (3.2 billion euros) – that’s how much Amazon has earned in a single quarter of the year.

Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world

last September, managed to Amazon as the second Aktiengesellschaft after the iPhone giant Apple to crack at times, the magic mark of one trillion dollars in stock market value. The group together was worth more than the twelve largest Dax-listed companies. In the spring a knight of the US star investor Warren Buffett, whose famous investment company Berkshire Hathaway bought for the first time, Amazon shares followed. The 88-Year-old stock market Guru had praised Bezos previously in the highest tones. What he had done with his group, “come to a wonderful close.”

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For Amazon founder Bezos pays the rush of investors to his company personally, since he is the largest shareholder. For years, the 55-dominated lists,-Year-old, therefore, the Rich. The “Bloomberg Billionaires Index”, according to his assets is currently around 120 billion dollars. So he remained, in spite of a costly divorce from MacKenzie, the received shares to the value of almost 40 billion dollars, the ranged person in the world.

Amazon has not many enemies

Away from the stock market Amazon has, however, long-only Fans. The group is accused of using its huge market power and to destroy his low prices to the retail trade. Also the traditional book trade in Germany is threatened. Amazon makes the stationary stores, the sales in dispute: For years, no one sells in this country, more books than the Online giant.

Amazon and co. This happens with my returns – inner views of a ridiculous system

The pressure from the Internet also contributed to the Fusion of the book trade in the case of chains, Thalia and mayersche, which announced in January a together. In view of the changed conditions in the book trade alliances were necessary, – said Thalia CEO Michael Busch. Otherwise, the classic book trade will draw in the competition with international Online sellers the Shorter.

Also because of the controversial working conditions, there are always criticism on Amazon about the trade Union Verdi. Amazon’s most powerful enemy, however, in the White house. US President, Donald Trump always shoots again against the group, he makes, among other things, for the some financial trouble of the U.S. Postal service is responsible. As the main reason for Trumps suspicion is, however, more likely, that he is with the US newspaper “Washington Post” on a war footing, the commonly reported critically about him. The sheet is privately owned by Bezos.

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