“What? I will test with a Huawei mobile phone with Android operating system? I can’t do that yet.” One way or the other about, I thought, as my colleague pressed the new P30 Lite from Huawei for a Test in the Hand. Since I use smartphone, I have set on the iPhone. Android User, I laughed at so far, always a little. You didn’t know, in my view, however, an intuitive mobile-operating system. And now I want to test an Android Smartphone? I was skeptical – especially, it should be the stripped down variant of the current Huawei Highlights P30 Per. So only a saving version. What should I expect?

Good Usability: Everything is so familiar here

at the Start, I realized, of a saving version here remember. When moving on a new device, I was astonished. Via a helpful assistant, I was able to quickly set up a iOS-to-Android-connection, so that, without using a Computer as an intermediate distributor, the Acquisition of work of important data between phones easily. Wow, that was something I had associated so far only with Apple’s premium devices.

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Then quickly put my finger to set up fingerprint on the Scanner, it is located in the middle of the phone back, and I already have the Huawei operating system with the name EMUI Version 9.1. in front of me. The expected culture shock, however, remains: I find myself immediately intuitive. Clear that one or the other looks slightly different, overall, the interface makes it for me as an iPhone User extremely easy to switch. The Icons of the Apps seem pleasantly familiar, or you are easy to understand. Program changes, return to the home screen, Exit Apps, it’s no Problem, and the use of light and liquid. And after a few minutes, my fingers know all by itself what to do. Irritating.


everything that looks at us? Three camera lenses and in the middle of the finger scanner!

©Heiko Spilker stern.de A Design> slim

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Also, I don’t think this is the first such 6,15-inch Display as a huge, but very slim, because at the same time, the thickness of the phones is limited to about 7 mm. My old iPhone has also acts but in comparison with much plumper. The flat Huawei Design will make you want to leave the phone by the Hand to glide, but there’s a drawback. Thank you for the modern, sleek Design – the surface is too smooth for my fingers. The Smartphone slips me actually unintentionally from the Hand and falls, fortunately, only on the Sofa. Even after that it happens to me several times unintentionally. There is actually a case for that, perhaps, is grippy? Yes, there are fortunately! And maybe you also prevents unsightly finger smudges on the glossy black back of the phone, which is the surface of belts after one hour of use as a grave computer monitor from the editorial office.


In Macro and portrait shots there is the right amount of blur in the Background – the so called Bokeh effect.

©Heiko Spilker stern.de Three lenses = good images

Now on to the Canned: the camera! What I want as a father of a family a long time, are simply more possibilities when taking pictures with my Smartphone. Because my digital SLR camera I have carried for several years on walks with my children. A wide-angle, the possibility for good portrait shots, and please, please, a simple Tele would make me, therefore, in the Smartphone happy. Since I expect the P30 Lite things: His Triple-camera with a main lens with a high resolution of 48 megapixels, a 120-degree wide-angle lens and a Bokeh lens for portraits and impressive close-UPS is highlighted by Huawei. And rightly so, as the first test shots show. Macro and portrait shots with a deliberately blurred Background: top! Wide-angle and a zoom function with double magnification are also on Board! Even with light, the P gets 30 Lite.


default setting, wide-angle, or 2 x Zoom 30 Lite are the P against the light, there is no Problem.

But there are also shadow sides: one Increases the Zoom to a factor of Six, is the quality loss is huge, since it is only a digital zoom. The scene then acts as a Filter for impressionist painting was placed on it. Even with very detailed subjects, such as, for example, leaves, grass, and other Small-scale, the images quickly grainy due to a high contrast.


More: After a 2-times magnification, you should stop. Possible a 6-fold Zoom, the motive then, however, such as with a Filter.

©Heiko Spilker stern.de

Unfortunately, the color values of a subject changes depending on the Zoom setting In the wide angle there is a slight tinge of red, in the normal mode and the Tele, however, dominate Blue and Green lawn gets so sometimes a flash trick. Nevertheless, For quick snapshots on the go, the functionality is quite sufficient.


Green to Red Depending on the Zoom or wide-angle setting, a subject can look unintentionally fresh (more green into the colors) or warmer (more red components).

©Heiko Spilker stern.de

The battery

in Spite of all the trial and error of the battery is shown with 3340 mAh very durable. A day out, he keeps locker in my Test even higher. The next Morning, I am glad that he is finally reaching below 10 percent, because I on the advertised fast charger and its function excited am. And actually – you can watch while Charging. With the four percent I hang up the phone to the power, and after only ten MinUtes, it has been 21 percent, after half an hour, there are even 44 per cent, and after a good hour it’s full again. This is the life – and download. Even wireless Charging according to the Qi-Standard is possible.

conclusion: The what, if not everything

As an iPhone user I am surprised how well even the most economical version of the great P30 Per Huawei. For me, taking pictures and own an iPhone older date has to pick me up the big Display – and especially the good camera function. Absolute high-end benefits are to be expected, of course, for a good Always-on-camera, the photo functionality, however, is completely sufficient. In addition, the battery is more than persevering and keeps well for a day. Along with the to understand also for Users of the iPhone intuitive, easy user interface, the Smartphone is a real Charmer. The price of about 350 Euro for 128 GB of memory makes it even to the immoral offer, because in the case of Apple you get in this price class and for as much memory for only a iPhone from a Refurbishing provider. And the memory can Huawei by slot.

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