Before the 30. Anniversary of the Beijing Tiananmen square massacre have been blocked by Chinese censors, the Online encyclopedia, Wikipedia completely.

The Website was in China not available. The lock in all of the languages had already taken place by the end of April, confirmed by Wikipedia according to the BBC. Previously, articles on Chinese goods in China, already locked.

The government in Beijing controls the Internet with increasing hardness. Is locked about the Google search engine. Also social media such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube and WhatsApp are blocked – just as the news pages of the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and from the point of view of the censors politically sensitive or China-critical websites.

if you want to bypass the blockages, you need a VPN-Tunnel (Virtual Private Network). Especially before important political events or for the government in sensitive commemorative days, the authorities go, however, to strengthen the fight against such protected Compounds by interfering with this massive.

In three weeks, marks the anniversary of the 30. The Tiananmen square massacre. In the spring of 1989 had gathered on the square of Heavenly peace (Tiananmen square) over the next few weeks, protesters and political reforms required. In the night of the 4. In June 1989, the rolled tank.

soldiers opened fire on the protesters. Until today, the Chinese government is hiding the true number of victims. There are, however, several hundred Deaths have been. Thousands of demonstrators ended up in prisons or labor camps.