Japan is again entered in the race for the fastest train in the world. For the first time, a high-speed train of the next Generation has been tested, the Alfa-X,. Alfa-X stands for “Advanced Labs for Frontline Activity in the rail eXperimentation”.

Faster than China,

Overall, the train consists of ten segments. He reached a maximum speed of 400 km/h. The cruising speed is around 360 km/h, the railway company JR East. That would be 10 km/h faster than the fastest train service that connects Beijing and Shanghai. And with this trip speed of Alfa-X is not allowed to adorn themselves with the title “fastest train in the world” – at least as long as China increases over the next eleven years, the speed. “The development of the next Generation of Shinkansen bullet train is based on the key concepts of superior performance, high comfort, excellent operating environment, and innovative maintenance”, the railway company JR East.

soundproofing nose

The Alfa-X is built by Kawasaki Heavy Industries and Hitachi, and is scheduled to commence in the year 2030 the driving operation. First, it is tested two Times per week outside of normal operating hours. In the eye of the pike nose of the train. The new nose is 22 meters long. You should minimize the pressure that builds up in front of the train and reduce noise. When the train would drive in or out of a Tunnel, would otherwise be a loud Bang.

At the Start of 2030 will be the Alfa-X is the fastest high speed train in the world, but it is not in the vehicle, the fastest rail. The already existing magnetic levitation train in Shanghai can reach a maximum speed of 431 km/h. Also, Japan is already planning its own magnetic-levitation train line between Tokyo and Nagoya, to be in the year 2027 finished. The trains can reach up to 505 km/h.

Before the Olympic Games in 2020 will be upgraded to the Shinkansen bullet trains with a “Supreme”Version. These trains are “only” 330 km/h.

Faster only in a vacuum

In terms of Top Speed outside of the normal driving operation, the record is 574.8 km/h and is held in place by France. Due to the enormous air resistance, such speeds are not economically viable. If trains want to regularly use the area above 600 km/h, you would have to run in vacuum tubes. China is working on relevant to Try. These trains would then reach a higher speed of travel than a plane.

source: Mainchi

600 miles per hour – the Beijing builds the fastest train in the world

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China magnetic levitation 14-00

1000 km/h – China’s new trains are faster than an airplane

railway technology, 1000 km/h – China’s new trains are faster than a plane

magnetic levitation, plus a vacuum tube – with the combination of China’s engineers want to build trains coming faster than planes. And also, the conventional rail network to be launched in the next few years to a pace of 400 km.

Gernot Kramper Kra