The trade war between China and the United States is coming to a head for months. The most prominent victim of this conflict, the network equipment and Smartphone maker Huawei is. US President, Donald Trump has shot to the company that, at the end of may, he put it on the so-called Black list. Since then, it is US companies are not allowed to make, without the permission of the government business with Huawei. While Washington has eased following some of the sanctions, and granted 90-day reprieve, but since then a great deal of uncertainty, as it goes on.

Huawei’s Notebook business under pressure

in addition to Android Smartphones and cellular technologies distributes Huawei also Notebooks. This division is affected by the US ban, apparently, even more: As the technology portal “The Information” and the news channel CNBC reports, according, must Huawei postpone this week’s planned introduction of a new laptop. The reason for the lack of American products and components are. This means the Windows operating system as well as processors and Chips from Intel.

With his Matebook series a note managed to Huawei in the past with success. The Laptops were able to score with a Mix of performance, modern Design and reasonable price.

If and when the suspended device will come on the market, is currently uncertain. Huawei CEO, Richard Yu, said CNBC, the new Matebook’ll probably never adopted, if the Situation does not change. According to some Reports, the entire Notebook could be business in front of the From.

Huawei is developing its own operating system

users of Huawei Smartphones have currently no Worries. At least until the middle of August, Google is supplying the devices with Android Updates.

However, Huawei is already working on a Plan B: With high pressure is currently working on the completion of its own operating system. Chinese media reports suggest that the Software is already since years in the development. Ready for the market it is apparently not yet, according to insiders, the Huawei tested operating system is currently on several Thousand devices active. According to the rumors, the Software should be with all the Android applications compatible.