It is a disconcerting sight: Mark Zuckerberg is sitting in a bright office and announced quite happily that he can control with the stolen data of its billion users, is also your future. Even if you know that it is a Fake, it is difficult to detect the signs. The Clip shows how far Artificial intelligence is the Imitation of reality is – and what is the danger of the potential of the.

While the photos were manipulated for a very long time easy to use, is the confidence in voting and video recordings is still quite large. Clear that in movies is a lot of tricks, we all know. In everyday life, the effort was much too large. It is no coincidence that fake Videos of people and downstream of the votes made were a short time ago material for agent-Thriller a La “Mission Impossible”. The current development is changing now as drastically.

Facebook-in-chief of This incredibly real looking Fake Video of Mark Zuckerberg puts his company in front of a Problem By Malte Mansholt Deep Fakes as the new Norm?

it is not just small manipulations, such as the artificially slowed-down Speaking, the left in a viral Clip of the US politician Nancy Pelosi drunk act. Thanks to Artificial intelligence, it is now possible to cut with little effort and low technical knowledge of the people in almost any situations.

The best example is the so-called “Deep Fakes”, in which the face and the facial Expressions to another of the body are placed are. The name is derived from their inventor, called himself in reference to Google’s AI program “Deep Dream” so. He became famous because he used the technique to build from porn and the faces of Celebrities Celebrity-sex scenes.

Terrifying technique deep fakes: could Why play them soon in porn, without bringing to the knowledge Of the painted Mans Shockingly little effort

The technology behind it is almost shockingly simple: By feeding an Artificial intelligence with photos and Video recordings of a Person, is able to evaluate it with Machine Learning, the characteristics of the Person and the face then in other scenes the insert. In the case of sugar mountain Video, this works about as well that even blink, facial Expressions and Gestures to be imitated, in addition to the perfectly lip-sync a pre-defined text Speak.

Also in the vocal Imitation is now very far. The Chinese company Baidu was, for example, in the spring of AI that can mimic voices with just 3.7 seconds recording material rudimentary. Previously, it took minutes for long recordings. You like celebrities have access to many hours of Material, you can put people in a perfect imitation of voice, including Intonation, accentuation and accent, almost everything in the mouth. Such as in this Clip of the controversial psychologist Jordan Peterson, a Eminem-the Text is rap.

With the progress of technology, the abuse potential increases, of course. With the tons of available images and Videos from social networks, a KI would be today billions of people have enough Material to cut them in compromising situations and then blackmail them with it.

especially in the case of votes could be a Problem: While we can recognize in pictures of the fakes on the small Details, we notice that in the case of digitally-generated voices much heavier, which showed a recent study. Our brain is thus not simply great differences between a real voice recorder and a digital generated to identify. In the case of images, the researchers noticed, even then, neural differences in the response, if the viewer could not distinguish the Original be aware of fake. When Listening to this effect.

The KI-expert, Alex Champandard gave last year to “Vice” still optimistic that Just as you can create the Video – and Audio-counterfeiting with Artificial intelligence, you recognize, with your help, he was sure of it. Presumably, the people learn but also easy to live with the fake Material. So, as you have learned it with day-to-day Manu pilationen through Instagram filters, too.

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the technology of the future silent Revolution: How Artificial intelligence is unnoticed by our life

changed When it comes to Artificial intelligence, most people still have vague Fears in the mind. The clever machines are already in our everyday lives – without that people would have noticed it at all.

By Malte Mansholt