Surprises in the Smartphone industry is rare, at least in terms of the dates. Samsung shows its new Galaxy Smartphone in February, Apple will be back in September with the iPhone and a few weeks later, Google countered with its Pixel-phones. Because the devices are screwed in far Eastern suppliers, often weeks or even months before the official presentation together, it can hardly prevent early information leakage. All of the major equipment manufacturers will be able to sing a song about it.

After the rumors chefs in the past few weeks, mainly with the iPhone 11 (or whatever Apple’s next Generation of smartphones will be hot) employees, the Pixel 4 of Google to the series. In the power of images, and even a supposedly real Video of two upcoming Android flagships. And the months before the official launch!

Google goes on the Offensive

Instead of the Leaks, and to put a good face on a bad game, decided to Google for another way: The company took the Initiative and announced the Pixel 4 with a photo on the company’s own Twitter Account. “Well, since there seems to be some interest, here it is. But wait until you can see what’s capable of it,” commented the group under the picture.

The photo reveals a few new Details. To see the back of the Pixel 4 which has a camera with two Lenses, two Sensors and a LED flash. Why the Sensors are needed, is not currently known. The square arrangement of the camera is reminiscent strongly of pictures that allegedly show a iPhone 11.

Perhaps Google wanted to come with the release of Apple before, and critics take the Wind out of the sails, which had accused the group in the fall to have the Design for one of our competitors copied.

The image shows still another Detail: The Pixel 4 has a fingerprint reader on the back. It is unclear whether the Sensor is eliminated, or else incorporated directly into the touch screen.

Google provides Software in the forefront of

Google’s surprising Twitter Post suggests something quite different: The current Pixel Smartphones don’t seem to sell too well. Now, as the group has announced months before the Release of the new model, it is expected the sales of the current Generation figures continue to fall. For Google, this should be bearable.

As for Google booth at the Pixel devices never in the foreground, to sell as many devices as possible. Rather, they are a Showcase to show what is possible with Android everything is possible. Last year, the night vision function of the camera is in focus, for example, with the particularly spectacular shots in low-light conditions to succeed.

The message was each time a new Generation is clear: The platform is always more important than the device. By Google is now the Leakern before and the existence and the Design of the Pixel 4 at an early stage reveals, can steer the group in the autumn of attention on the part of him anyway, the most important: the Software.

Interview network activist on privacy “on the Basis of some data can even be used to detect whether and with whom one has an affair”

The Silicon Valley has discovered a separate issue: privacy. Even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg argues for a private future. But how credible is that? Network activist Katharina Nocun talks about the change for the Tech manufacturer, and why streaming services are not intended to monitor our serial consumer secretly.

By Christoph Fröhlich