For Nintendo, it is a huge success: The new console Switch with its innovative concept, between the home console and mobile device is at the customer a smashing success. The not is, however, clouded by a company with the Japanese is otherwise in competition: Apple.

Actually, you wanted to bring to the end of the fiscal year in March 2018, so almost exactly a year after the Start of the Switch, 20 million devices to the masses. However, as the “Wall Street Journal” reported, had to Nintendo to correct the own sales expectations strongly downwards.

Test New game console, Why me, the Nintendo Switch enthusiastic – and I’m not buying you me By Malte Mansholt competition from Apple and co.

The reason is a global lack of essential components, from memory chips to Displays up to the small vibration motors. Toshiba stated that the production of NAND-memory can’t keep up with chips in approaches with the needs of the manufacturer because Apple and co. to order tons of parts. They are not installed in the Switch, but also in Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops.

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debt is likely to be the iPhone 8, Apple’s soon to be in production. The for September, awaited Smartphone is expected to differ greatly from its predecessor, and one of the technology Highlights of the year, analysts are significantly increasing sales predictions therefore have to pay. Up to 110 million devices could bring to Apple, according to estimates by the end of the year. And the corresponding components need, of course.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe in the Test of Hard times for men friendships By Christoph Fröhlich demand is high

For Nintendo, the deficiency is a real Problem. The games manufacturer has lowered its sales expectations for the first year now to 10 million units. You could probably exceed loose, if the parts were available. Alone in March, Nintendo has sold 2.74 million Switch more than from the previous console, the Wii U in the first year.

The demand is still extremely high: The Switch is almost nowhere to be found, on Ebay, you will also traded three months after the Start with a slight extra charge. And the lucrative Christmas business at the end of the year is still far away. Nintendo we can only hope that by then the demand for the components wears off a little.