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The Gamer have made it on the Gamescom cozy. On their camping chairs, with advertising messages printed cardboard stools by the game publishers, or just sitting on the floor, you wait in the exhibition hall, the fact that you can finally get it and the Blockbuster games. With up to six hours waiting time, you have to expect. And how it sells the best? Of course, with Games.

On all sorts of portable game consoles, the gamers play inside and is a Gamer, whether on the Nintendo 3DS or the new Switch. And, of course, on the phone. Some arrange same-colored candies in the same row, some of them drag the black-and-white blocks of the classic Tetris on your screen to the bottom, some of the fight through the current Hype-Game Fortnite. Play as a pastime in front of the Play.

For the computer game industry promises this diffused kind of gaming is a huge growth market. Not the high gloss products for Xbox, PlayStation and PC drive sales, but mobile games for Smartphones and Tablets. The market for game Apps grew according to the industry Association Game in the first half of 2018 by 40 per cent compared to the previous year. And for the first time alone, the Smartphone has overtaken the previous top of the class, the PC.

The success of mobile gaming is based on the availability of A video-game console is not cheap, a potent Gaming PC is quite expensive, but have a smart phone, in the meantime, almost all of them. To play on the phone, there is no requirement for the store visit, none of the data carrier, no complicated hardware installation. The Games are by the Thousands in the App Stores, and are installed with a push of a button, even on the go. Sometimes they cost something. So the Smartphone is the always-available game console in the jacket pocket.

If grandma is changing also Games zocken

By the availability of the target group: Because the Smartphone has arrived in all generations, have widely used mobile games of all ages. The Game Association is proud to announce that there are now more than 40 percent of the German cause. Meanwhile, 28 percent of “users of digital games” 50 years of age or older. The proportion of under 19 Year-olds, traditionally the largest gamer group, falls to the German game partnership.

With the shift in the age classes, a change in the game culture. Because an important new group of buyers for games-Apps are no longer the already a passionate Gamer, but rather groups that would never buy a console. And these people behave differently than the typical Gamer: you often read no game magazines or websites anymore, but to play what is already popular.

“The confrontation with the media is very superficial,” says Jana Reinhardt, spokeswoman for the Indie Arena Booth on the Gamescom-more than 80 independent developers from Germany, and to present to the world. “Most just look in the Charts of the App Stores and can download any game from the Top Ten.” For the industry is a Problem that the new “Gamer” cold read no magazines or on the net informed. As for Developers, it makes it more difficult to sell Games with new ideas: as Long as you do not have a “huge marketing budget or a big brand,” it is almost impossible to be in the market for mobile games has a presence, says Reinhardt.