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In the past few years, reading the game market has drifted apart. On the one hand, high-powered home consoles and PCs allow for always more impressive and more detailed game worlds created. On the other hand, there are countless, mostly competing is so fun and simple Mobile Games, to win the favor of Smartphone and Tablet owners. In between consoles cavort even in Mobile, but either addressed to a specific audience (3DS: children and young people) or are simply not successful (Playstation Vita). What it was, was a console that allows seamless Play: at home on the TV and on the go, on the touch screen. The dream of all and to play commuters, so to speak.

Exactly, this console has now been published. It is by Nintendo, is called Switch and cost of the basic equipment for around 330 euros. It provides the handy Tablet in the supplied Docking Station, then the image in seconds appears on the TV that is connected via an HDMI cable. Conversely, it is equally fast: just the Tablet draw from the Docking Station, and the picture jumps back on the 6.2-inch touch screen of the tablet. The Joy-Con Controller sitting on the side of the mobile console, but also peeling, and then conveniently, such as two remote controls. With The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Nintendo has been a veritable Blockbuster in the Luggage.

However, the attractiveness of a console is not only measured according to how varied they can be used. But also to the very basic things such as price, graphics, ease of use, game selection and networking opportunities. Many consoles have failed because they could not compensate for weaknesses in these areas, not through spectacular new Features. Nintendo themselves can sing a song about it: The Wii (2006) with their new motion control, while a big hit, the successor to Wii U (2012), however, flopped violently. The Wii U did little, that you have an original Second Screen had a concept for asymmetric games. In Public, it was mainly perceived as weak stragglers of the Generation of PS4/Xbox One. Nintendo has learned from those mistakes, or the group is again between all the chairs?

Than Anywhere console Switch should, of course, is of a consistently high quality experience regardless of location. Or in other words: Breath of the Wild at home on the TV just as much fun as on-the-go in the S-Bahn? As a graphical scale, the new Zelda is very good, because the beautiful landscapes of the Kingdom of Hyrule are detailed and colourful. On-the-go, on the touch screen, Zelda is shown with a resolution of 720p, however, on the home television with a resolution of 900p. Because the console has to expect the Latter more, breaks the image, a rate slightly from time to time, such as Polygon documented in a comparison video.

On the touch screen, Zelda looks considerably sharper than on the TV screen: you see the swaying Grass, the blurred in the TV version. Who is playing Zelda on the go, should look for a suitable place: The touch screen is not light in comparison to most of the smartphone screens for a while and was strong, however, the sufficient to approximately fill of sun defying lighting in the city Park. Moreover, it’s annoying that the touch screen reflects. So the best place for mobile games is ultimately a relatively dark room. Possible scenario: The parents watching, the children play on the touch screen. A Second-Screen function Switch.

Three hours mobile games, three hours hybrid console Switch © Drew Angerer/

A further important factor for mobile Play, the battery life is. In the case of a graphically demanding Game like Zelda, the Switch only lasts about three hours, then the Tablet via USB-C adapter plug-in. The charging time is between two and three hours. Anyone that would like to play a long time, should rely on an external battery Pack. The batteries of the Joy-Con-Controller do at the earliest after about 20 hours of limp, survive for several Gaming Sessions.

index Joy-Con: The two lightweight Controller with the Best thing about the Switch console. And because you can keep them in Games such as the Remote Controller of the Wii locker to the left and to the right of the body, to use instead of a Controller with two hands. Those who prefer the Latter, you can put together, the two Joy-Cons in a bracket – or a so-called Pro-Controller to buy, but costs an additional 70 euros. A disadvantage of the Joy-Cons is that they are built for big hands to small pieces, which exerts on duration of the Play. After all, with loops at the wrist to allow you to Play at Party-such as 1-2-Switch, not flying through the air. This one pushes the Joy-Cons with special attachments. Quite tricky it is, if you want to detach from the Tablet, a tiny snap-on button must be pressed. It is not rare to presses by Mistake the function keys on the Controller.