A nuclear fusion reactor to provide clean energy in the same way, with the help of the sun heated the planet – namely, through the fusion of hydrogen atoms. This clean and climate-neutral energy generation is an experimental reactor in China, a giant step closer.

The plant with the nickname “China’s artificial sun” at the Hefei Institutes of Physical Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CASHIPS) was able to generate in one Experiment, a plasma core temperature of more than 100 million degrees Celsius. This is six Times hotter than the Interior of the sun in this temperature range, it comes to the Fusion of the nuclei. On earth a higher temperature than in the sun is necessary, because you could so far not achieve any compression of the plasma, that is to be found in the core of the sun by the gravity. This shortcoming needs to compensate for the higher temperature.

is Hotter than the sun

EAST (Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak ) reactor, which has in its interior Ring in the shape of a donut. There is a vacuum to be injected in the hydrogen atoms. These atoms are then heated using various methods, in order to generate a Plasma. This Plasma, in turn, is pressed with a series of powerful superconducting magnets.

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When the Plasma is hot enough and compressed accordingly, occur in a small Zone within the Donut conditions, such as in the Interior of the sun. Then, the hydrogen fuse atoms and large amounts of energy are released. The aim of the research is a plant in which the fusion reaction of single runs, so that the reactor generates more energy than it consumes at the Start of the process.

Until then, however, it is still a long way to go. EAST was able to generate temperature and compression for about 10 seconds. According to the Institute, the Experiment shows, however, that it is possible to achieve the fusion required temperatures.

EAST is only one of several systems that operate around the world to explore the conditions of the controlled Fusion. The German test facility, Wendelstein 7-X works differently. There, the Ring of plasma by using the magnetic held of the coil banks in its path. Plants, such as Wendelstein 7-X have better possibilities of the Plasma, but cannot currently achieve the necessary temperatures. Beginning in 2018, and succeeded in W7-X, to heat the Helium to 40 million degrees Celsius. This is a great progress, however, remains far behind the temperatures of about 100 million degrees, the fusion process requires.

The Chinese EAST reactor, on the other hand uses the magnetic fields generated by the Plasma itself, in order to keep the plasma ring in the Form of. This process is not stable, but it is possible to reach a higher temperature. The Chinese method can be described loosely as a “Ride on the cannon ball”. Strategically, it also offers the advantage that the fusion process itself can provide the energy needed to control the Plasma.

the new milestone just proves that this path is, in principle, is not feasible, a blueprint for the construction of a functioning reactor, it is.

Wendelstein 7-X German fusion reactor on the way to infinite, clean energy

The most advanced fusion reactor in the world is in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. After a year of operation, it has demonstrated that its revolutionary concept works. Until the fusion technology is to generate electricity, it is still a long way to go.

Gernot Kramper