With the Switch to managed Nintendo in the past year, the big Comeback. In little more than a year, sold to Nintendo around 20 million units, and reached similar dimensions, such as Sony with the Playstation 4. The hybrid console impressed gamers with an entirely new concept: On your home TV connected it works like a normal console, you remove it from the base station, a Mini-Tablet for on-the-go. Especially in the case of commuters and business travellers who spend a lot of time in Bus, train or in aircraft, the Switch is therefore high in price.

New Switch with a better screen

Now, according to the prestigious “Wall Street Journal” that Nintendo will bring in the coming year, a new Version of the Switch on the market. The information comes directly from the supply chain for components. As a time window, it is aiming at the second half of the year, at the earliest, summer. Nintendo itself has not commented on the Reports.

The new model gets very likely to have a better screen. The current Generation has a comparatively low-resolution 6.2-inch Display. A jump to the better OLED technology, which is in the current iPhones, it is not expected. Improved LCD technology to produce a brighter image at the same time lower power consumption. Otherwise, the new model should be compatible with existing Switch-accessories, such as the Joy-Con-controllers or the docking station.

Nintendo holds the Switch for longer life

The step fits into Nintendo’s strategy announced: “Super Mario”inventor Shigeru Miyamoto, announced in February that the Switch will have a longer life cycle than previous console generations. To ensure this, wants to publish the group’s regular Blockbuster-Games. In the Christmas business, the on 7 should. Published each December and “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” for sale records search.

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Super Mario is coming this year, twice on the Switch – even as the tennis star, once as part of the “Super Smash Bros”

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