hackers apparently broke into the German Internet infrastructure company Citycomp services for dozens of large and globally active company offers. The U.S. Portal, Motherboard reported.

data from Citycomp had been customers captured, including Oracle, Volkswagen, and Airbus. The Hacker tried to blackmail Citycomp.

Motherboard relies on the information provided by Michael Bartsch, managing Director of Deutor Cyber Security Solutions, which had been authorized by Citycomp to talk about the case. “Citycomp was hacked and blackmailed, and the attack goes on,” wrote Bartsch, according to the Motherboard in a E-Mail. “We have to be careful, because the whole case, the police will be investigated and the attacker applies all the Tricks.” The extortion demands had not been conceded. “Our analysts conduct an in-depth technical and forensic analysis of the attack,” wrote Bartsch.

Volkswagen currently looking for an Online data leak, it was the responsibility of his suppliers Citycomp, confirmed to the automotive group of the dpa on Tuesday on request. “According to current findings, the potentially accessible documents are not of a confidential nature,” it said. Citycomp cooperate with the investigations of the group, to the extent of the data breach. Neither Bartsch nor a representative of the company Citycomp from Ostfildern-Scharnhausen near Stuttgart, were reached on Tuesday for comment.

The attackers have threatened, according to the “Motherboard” to publish data for the companies concerned. The data originate mainly from the German branches of the company. The hackers had already set up a Website that aims to publish the stolen Material in the network. So far, the data are not accessible, and stressed the “Motherboard”. Accordingly, the hackers threaten curious to see the data, at 31. To publish April – the month has only 30 days.

according to The report, the hackers claim to be in possession of “312.570 files in 51.025 folders”. In the set of data of about 516 gigabytes of financial and private information were. Customers include Ericsson, Leica, Toshiba, UniCredit, British Telecom, Hugo Boss, NH Hotel Group, Oracle, Airbus, Porsche, and Volkswagen. Also, the supermarket chains, Rewe and Kaufland are affected.