this Wednesday, coming into force in the new state broadcasting Treaty in the view of the Rhineland-Palatinate state media Secretary Heike Raab (SPD) of benefits both for users of the Media, as well as for the public broadcasters and the newspaper publishers.

the new Treaty is, for example, States that contributions in the media libraries may in the future be no longer available. So far, had to be deleted after seven days, everything, change it now. “It is a great treasure of public broadcasting in the media libraries the television audience and television viewers and listeners,” said Raab of the German press Agency. She speaks as the media, state Secretary of Rhineland-Palatinate for the state, in the case of the broadcasting Commission, in the chair.

With the new Treaty would, for example, in the media libraries of the Public “Previews” – so that, for example, pre-series look at could be – “so how do the major US platform providers today,” said Raab. “It must also be able to public broadcasting to do.”

great progress is Raab, in addition, the new arbitration, the conflicts between publishers and broadcasters out of court to settle. Raab said this in the context of a “balancing of the duality between the Public and the Private”. In the online world, representatives of compete all the media together – “the writing Guild and the audio-visual media,” said Raab.

In the past there have been cases of Conflict, the publisher had publicly accused of legal institutions, that offers will come in the network, such as a printed newspaper. Now to be regulated, that public Online are not likely to be offers press similar and there is a need for a reference to the timeliness or show.

“Because it was in the past years, disputes have been before the German courts held, and incredibly lengthy goods, we have agreed that there should be a conciliation Board,” said Raab. Specifically, there is a, if the ARD was affected, and, if it is a matter of the ZDF.

In two seats, the chief Executive of Axel Springer, Mathias Döpfner Make Raab, President of the Federal Association of German newspaper publishers (BDZV), BDZV, Vice-President and a representative of each of those involved in the dispute publisher.