Facebook could be registered up to the year 2070, more dead than living users. The findings of a study by the Oxford Internet Institute in the UK, the results of which were published at the weekend.

On the basis of Numbers of users for the development of the population figures from the year 2018 and the UN in the world, the researchers calculated that a minimum of 1.4 billion Facebook members will die by 2100. The Facebook should grow a community, would be the number of the deceased user until the end of the century 4.9 billion. Facebook currently has according to own information of 2.37 billion active users worldwide.

The growing number of deceased Facebook members raised important issues for the virtual heritage of the users, say the researchers. “As a society, we have just begun to ask these questions, and we still have a long road ahead of us,” said Co-author Carl Öhman.

His colleague David Watson also stressed the potential Benefits of Facebook data as a historical archive of human culture. It is important that access to these historic data-oriented companies were a single profit. “It is also important to ensure that future generations can make use of our digital heritage, to understand their history,” said Watson.