The world’s biggest computer game trade fair, Gamescom will open its doors to the General public. Until Saturday evening, several hundred thousand visitors are expected, last year there were a total of 370,000.

To 210,000 square meters, more than 1000 exhibitors show their latest products. A main focus is the Cloud-Gaming, so the games are stored on servers run and only your Image on the Smartphone or the television screen.

As the weather forecast is good and therefore nobody due to rain home is likely, it could be cracked the record number of visitors of the Gamescom. Add to that a comprehensive Internet presence, to show industry fans from all over the world the world news – global-click, pay to win for the event in importance.

on Tuesday, the exhibition opened for the press and professionals. To see the first colorful-dressed cosplayers, whether elves, knights, or Ghostbuster (Ghost hunters) were. On Wednesday, the audience is likely to be even more colorful, if private people from all over the country flock to the Cathedral city of. Separately to Gamescom, there are numerous other Gaming event of all over the place in Cologne, which thus appears for a few days as a type of Gaming capital.

The business of Computer and video games is booming in this country. Last year, sales rose by eleven percent to EUR 2.8 billion. However, only 4.3 percent of revenue came most recently from developments, which were also produced here – the German share has been falling for a long time. To stop this Trend, and hopes the industry on long-term funding from the Federal government.

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