On the Gamescom in Cologne, the E-Sport again this week with his great performance.

The new sports record further rapid growth in sales, said the consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

Accordingly, sales in Germany increased by 2018 to 62.5 million euros, an increase of 22 percent compared to the previous year. The consulting firm Deloitte calculated on behalf of the industry Association Game last even 70 million euros.

in addition to income on the sale of Tickets and media rights, especially the sponsorship of a powerful pulse generator, the should currently and in the coming years for around 40 percent of overall sales, it was at PwC. Here alone, the consultancy is expected in the year 2023, with a turnover of 60.9 million euros. Sponsorship to stay with it, “the most important revenue source in E-sports,” said Werner Ballhaus PwC.

as Measured by the turnover of German E-sports market in a global comparison, therefore, is in fourth place behind the United States (191 million euros), South Korea (158 million euros) and China (130 million euros). In Europe, the industry is in Germany, however, with distance forward. In the UK, to 2018 a total of 24 million euros have been implemented in France of 21 million and in Spain, 7 million euros.

more and more people would get involved also classic companies, for example, through sponsorship, Marketing or investment in the industry, as determined by PwC. Who started as early as possible in the still-young industry, have good opportunities to position itself as a leading Player, values the ball home. Football League clubs held back still. This was a in may of 2019, carried out Questioning among Clubs of the 1. and 2. League result.

From the German Olympic sports Confederation DOSB is E-sports not yet as the official sports recognized. Finally, the world Cup in the game “Fortnite had” headlines: The winner of a record-breaking price money of around $ 30 million. At the “eWorld Cup” of the game of football simulator FIFA the Champion received still around 250 000 dollars.

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