At the entrance of the new store in Bangalore, India, an usherette stands to welcome the guests. The humanoid Receptionist accompanied the customers to the Restaurant and answered all questions – while you recorded those characteristics by which you can your guests the next time you visit. They assign you tables, then the customers have to be active themselves. With Tablets supplied, can select the guests on the electronic menu, which court should you be in the place.

After the preparation of the meal, you then appear: the female figure equipped robots serve the food. Her face in the unusual Form with red LEDs that simulate eyes. A jaunty scarf to the front of the knotted, the to stewardesses to remember. Including a body with the proportions of a delicate woman, including Breasts, slender arms, a long skirt, and a contrasting apron.


From the front: With a scarf and apron kitted out, served the female robot staff, the customers, the food

©Manjunath Kiran AFP recognizes The usherette guests – if they agree to be bound

Earlier it was part of a Science-Fiction film to have been: humanoid figures who know exactly what they have to do. With magnetic sensor-equipped Mat the waiter to roll in the restaurant courses and follow their invisible jobs. Which table you use, they have been assigned previously (i.e., programmed).

What seems like a matter of politeness, but it is also a question of data protection. Kailash Sunder Rajan, General Manager of the Franchise chain, explained: “With face recognition equipped, it can welcome people the next Time with your name. Of course, you’ll only do that if it is allowed.”

Quite funny to watch and try not to be, if you had to ask at the same time: What is the point of a robot a gender? Why this exaggerated feminine figure? There are now also machines-sexism? And certainly this question is open: what those waiters and waiters to work from flesh and blood, if this concept makes a great school?

source: “Metro”

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