presented As an Apple in the spring of its Streaming service Apple TV+, remained many questions unanswered. What would be the cost of the service? How much money Apple puts into its high-profile series? Two recent media reports provide, for the first time answers. Apple is gearing up for the Streaming war.

especially the first number is likely to provide in the Streaming market for a splash: Six billion dollars, wants to be Apple, according to a report by the “Financial Times” in his own productions. So far, had always been of well over a billion for in-house productions have been reported. Competitor Netflix, after all, known for his tons of self-produced content, has only invested in the last two years, a higher sum for the content. Apple is so Full.

the New Streaming service From Drama to Comedy, the new series of Apple

Apple gets into the streaming business. One billion US dollars of the group in the new series and formats is inserted, the see from autumn to Apple TV+ to. This is about the new productions are already known.

the most Expensive series of all time

And also the Budgets for each Apple of the series sit up and take notice. So The Morning Show is to be “” with over 15 million dollars per episode more expensive than the last season of “Game of Thrones”, after all, the previous frontrunner. 300 million dollars should have put a Apple, therefore, in the first two seasons of its new series.

While “GoT” is mainly special effects, such as the dragon destroyed the capital eat up the Budget, is not likely to be in Apple’s series about the intrigues behind the classic Breakfast television rather the case. The main cast members to cash in Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon each have over a million dollars per episode. The also play along at the end of Steve Carell should get a similar sum.

In The Morning Show is not the only series with a record Budget: With “the lake”, a Science Fiction Show with “Aquaman”actor Jason Momoa will Apple do about the cost of a “Game of Thrones”episode are. Apple is doing things the opposite way of Netflix: They would rather deliver quality instead of quantity, said Apple executives Eddy Cue in an Interview with the “Times”.

Streaming is The most successful Film of all time and Clown-Horror: coming to Netflix, and Amazon Prime By Malte Mansholt Initially less attractive

for this reason, it is expected that Netflix and the second just known number for the time being, a little less abdominal pain: Ten Dollar Apple TV+ cost to learn “the Bloomberg” by insiders. Thus, the price would be on a similar level as in the case of Netflix.

Measured in terms of the offer of the price, however, is high: To Start in the autumn – “Bloomberg” of November – will have Apple’s Streaming service, only five series in the Portfolio. But high-caliber: in addition to the “Morning Show” and “the lake” is yet to come Steven Spielberg’s series “Amazing Stories”, a Show of actress Octavia Spencer, as well as the documentary series “Home”. A faster Bounce of the customers mass is not likely to be Netflix’ acute concern.

Streaming So Netflix wants to App, suddenly access to your Fitness data quality as a trump

On the duration of the Streaming king, still uncomfortable. Apple wants to on a monthly basis to introduce new series, the war chest of the iPhone group is significantly greater than that of the pure Streaming provider. At the same time, Netflix will lose more and more important series. That Apple can push its brand and its market power successfully in a market, one has shown with Apple Music impressive.

the strategy of The slow-growing offer, it could pay off for Apple in the long term. Ironically, Netflix had finally demonstrated with strong in-house productions such as “House of Cards” or “Orange is the New Black”, that it is possible to provide with exciting Streaming series for the public interest. In the last few years has done just that less and less. Due to the rapidly growing amount of series and movies, viewers are distributed on more and more content. The result is that There will be less talking about individual Hits and the Hype is significantly smaller.

The autumn is hot

also in the autumn-awaited launch of disney’s Streaming is likely to be An important factor for both tenders service (initially in Germany). Unlike Apple and Netflix of Mickey-mouse-group sets the price with only a 7 Dollar noticeably lower. In spite of the gigantic array of Disney classics to Star Wars to the Marvel Hits.

The rationale behind this is that should be easy: a Lot of families will treat the service as a Second streaming deal in addition. According to surveys the majority of households are willing to up to $ 20 a month for Streaming to be included. In addition to Disney, there is no room, Apple TV and Netflix remains then but to book. The customer will have to decide.

sources: Financial Times, Bloomberg, The Times

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