The concept of a ‘flying wing’ is not new. The Horten H IX or the Gotha Go 229 from the Second world war based on this idea. Again and again the idea of an aircraft without a fuselage is re-enabled designs. The Flying-V varies the old idea, however, in two ways: Both wings to form an inner open V and the engines are mounted Inside the Vs. The plane has borrowed its name from the legendary guitar of Gibson Flying V’s.

The passengers sit at the front edges of the wings, Kraftsto7f and cargo are on the inner side of the wing. The wings are therefore much thicker than a normal passenger plane.

Phoenix, The dream of eternal fly this drone must never bring to land By Gernot Kramper Vision of emission-free flying

The airline KLM and the Aerospace Engineering team at the TU Delft want to turn this design into a reality. The spectacular Design, however, is not the sole reason. Systematic lightweight construction and aerodynamic shape are designed to burn 20 percent less fuel than a powerful Airbus A350. “Our ultimate goal is an emission-free flight. New and highly energy-efficient aircraft designs such as the Flying-V are radical just as important as new forms of propulsion.

Our cooperation with KLM offers a tremendous opportunity to bring about a real change,” said Henri Werij, Dean of the faculty of aerospace engineering of the TU Delft. A flight-capable model will start during the 100-year anniversary of KLM in October, at the same time, a part of the cabin is to be presented in a full-size model. Peter Vink, Professor of applied ergonomics and Design at the TU Delft, said to the interior. “The new shape of the aircraft provides us with exciting possibilities to design the interior, to make flying more comfortable for passengers. We are investigating new ways to rest or to eat on the plane,” he said.

flying wing : “Flying V” – This Jet has the Form of a legendary E-guitar Fullscreen

The “Flying V” uses the existing Infrastructure of the airports.

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Originally, the V-Design of the TU-Berlin students Justus Benad was conceived during his diploma thesis at Airbus as an aircraft design for the future. Despite its unusual shape, the Flying V can use the existing infrastructure at airports such as Gates and runways. In design, the Flying V of fuel-efficient Turbofan engines is driven, in the long term, an electric drive is provided.

Whether to use a flying wing for passengers will actually be built, however, remains questionable. In addition to the aerodynamic advantages, the concept also has disadvantages. The fuel tanks are located, for example, in the immediate vicinity of the passengers. But above all, the passengers do not sit otherwise than in a classic cabin directly next to the longitudinal axis of the aircraft, but far from it – to a greater extent the acts or up and down movement of the wings during the turn. In the case of a Bomber in the flying wing Design such as the Northrop B-2 Spirit, this effect does not bother you, but the holiday flyers, this coaster will be in effect very irritating.

source: TU Delft

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