stock market newcomer Dropbox wants to develop the essential digital Desk in the company. Once as a simple storage service in the Cloud started to molt on Tuesday in San Francisco, presented the Service to the innovative replacement for expensive Office packages.

The Start-up is attacking the software giant Microsoft, but also the Internet-Corporation Google. After the promise of the Dropbox Manager should not be lost of the half day of work, thus, unnecessary files, Excel spreadsheets, or presentations, and information in any archives or folders in the Cloud, on hard drives or SD cards, to share with the right recipients via E-Mail, Messenger or chat service, and to check whether the Work has been done.

at the same time does not want to help Dropbox to keep various channels of communication in mind, so that you miss something important, if the boss shared something by Slack or by Skype has instructed. “The Flooding with a Cloud-files and a wide variety of work Apps can cause the daily work seems today is sometimes like trying not to go down,” summarizes IDC Analyst Marci Maddox, the everyday life of many office workers.

“work is getting more dispersed,” says Drew Houston, CEO and co-founder of Dropbox. “We work with Apps that do not communicate with each other.” With about 35 Apps per day is a salaried employee, or digital workers juggle today per day, according to a study. Here is the new collection Desktop comes into play. Are integrated around the Messenger Slack and the video meeting service Zoom, both of them can be activated with just a few clicks, and automatically with the people in the contacts directory are used.

Dropbox has also agreed with the project management-Start-up Atlassian, a collaboration that should be in a few months. Then, complex projects from the bottom up, from Dropbox to plan, create, execute, and monitor. Fully in the Desktop version of Dropbox, which can be currently in pre-release downloaded is revised. In folders, condensed files are now particularly well visible pin, so that important information can be seen immediately. Comments in a Word file appear on the “Desk edge”, without that the file must be opened. In case of doubt can be answered immediately, without having to open the file.

Dropbox is trying with this new approach, the escape from the arbitrariness of the case: Dropbox is faced with the Problem that the services of the company build on platforms that may not be of Dropbox, self-controlled. The Storing of data in the Cloud based on the infrastructure of Microsoft, Google or Amazon. The Save in the Cloud is for the big group but only a small Feature among many. The young Start-ups like Dropbox, or play here is a game that you can win against the Goliaths of the industry.

Therefore, they try with as much personal power as possible to sell. specialized on artificial intelligence and machine learning, with which you want the infinite quantities of data from your customers valuable and useful and even irreplaceable make.

Dropbox wants to now as a key Integrator between the myriad of basic Apps and end-user in the everyday working life into the game. This is not harmless. In the end, the young company sets up simply with Google Docs, although it is now integrated with Dropbox. In addition, Dropbox against Microsoft and its newly designed Office 365 including the chat service “Teams to come in”, or against platforms such as the distribution giants Salesforce.

Dropbox-Manager, Houston faces a great challenge: His company must find a sustainable path for growth and profitability. In the first quarter of 2019, the net loss was despite high growth, there is still a 7.7 million Dollar. The share price has been a wild roller-coaster ride and arrived after a short flight back to virtually the same level as the initial listing. A solid anchoring in the business sector would be a guarantor for increasing sales – if free Dropbox Accounts are increasingly being converted into paid business accounts.