The anticipation of the Fans was huge, but the frustration was followed by the prompt: Since last Friday (27. September), the new football Simulation “Fifa 20” for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, the Nintendo Switch and the PC. To this day, many gamers had a feverish, hung, especially since the developer had promised in the run-up to far-reaching innovations. But instead of the joy of playing the new Version sparked in the virtual kickers in the first days after the Release, especially of: Trouble and anger.

several Gaming portals, reports, to complain of the users, especially a whole series in the career mode, the heart of the game, occurring Bugs. So, Fans complain that the opposing team would run aground in that mode, not with their best team, but with the second guard.

Gaming is More street football, more control in defence: This is new to “Fifa 20”

While the Stars remain on the bench seat, sent the virtual, the opposing Trainer instead, Substitutes and young players on the court. A phenomenon that accounted for some of the user from the Computer or the console, calculated the games fixed. In addition to other Bugs, the players complained about the unnecessary and the content of the wrong questions at the press conferences. Others were offended about the problems with the changing Position of players in the middle of the Game.

“, Fifa 20 is a scandal,”

The frustration has gone so far that the Hashtag “#FixCarrerModus” on Twitter (the United Kingdom) became the Trend. There is also a German User gained since then, their anger, often with the invitation to correct the errors in a timely manner.

the developer of EA Sports responds to criticism

Some of the “Fifa 20″player requested of the developer company EA Sports even a refund of the purchase price. The massive criticism was not unheard of. On the day of the Releases, developer Corey Andress responded via Twitter to the word.

One of the problems to be aware of, prioritize the necessary Fixes and have already identified some of the problems successfully, Andress, who had also to acknowledge that not “could this be done immediately”.

Fans of the football Simulation have to be patient, therefore, probably a little until you can run the game completely smooth. With possible Bugs and the associated frustration, Twitter User “@WillNSNO had expected,” evident in advance. For the first Time in eight years he is not going to buy Fifa on Release day, he wrote and should have done so from the point of view of many, now disappointed gamers everything right.

sources: “Games Hardware” / Twitter

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