The chief of the Junge Union (JU), Tilman Kuban, has called for a new attempt at a Reform of European copyright law without so-called Upload-Filter.

“of Course we stand for copyright protection. This may, however, be no censorship cudgel,” said Kuban the German press Agency. There should be a freedom in the network. With these Filters would, however, pulled such things from the network, such as Satire or parodies, “which are, in my view, a matter of course”.

the head of The Union’s youth organization further argued: “This is for our Generation, of course, and we have to fight, as well as previous generations their freedom struggle.” You have seen in the decision last, what happens if the CDU and the CSU have not listened to young people, with expertise in digital policy.

“This Reform must enter the digital economy in Germany and in Europe more room to be able to digital business models to develop,” added Kuban. Germany should not let the Chinese and the Americans fame in these areas. There is a need for a “copyright reform 2.0”.

The European Parliament had approved in the spring, a Reform of the copyright law and the particularly controversial article 13 (now 17) has taken over. This is to take commercial platforms like Youtube, copyright more. Users uploaded Material such as Videos should be reviewed in this context. Upload Filter to check when you Upload, whether images, Videos or music are protected by copyright. The CDU and the CSU called for a national solution without the Upload Filter.

In the German state Parliament of the young Union at the weekend, decided to request will be explained, after the EU Council of Ministers made in mid-April 2019 for a Reform of the copyright law, the member States two years to adopt these into national law. The article 17 (formerly 13) of the EU Directive transfers the liability for copyright infringement by the user on the operator of a platform. The operator must therefore prevent the copyright infringement of their own interest.

each platform had to be used inevitably a recognition software, the Upload Filter, the detect when you Upload content, copyright infringement, and the Upload stop must. Even a good algorithm would not necessarily be able to filter only copyright infringement.

The sequence to be restrictive Upload, by, in extreme cases, opinions filtered, could be. “That would come with the death of a free Internet is the same. Computer-savvy citizens would then be making increasing use of the Darknet and pictures, movies and music for free to acquire the means to copiers will increasingly be robbery.”

the IT experts have been following the JU-decision already before the introduction of the Reform, “that the Upload Filter is a stillbirth”. Nevertheless, “A copyright is necessary, but a copyright in the 21st century. Century can with ideas from the 20. Century to be developed.”

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