On Wednesday, shot in Halle on the Saale, a 27-year-old man two people, in addition, the perpetrators with the help of self-made explosive devices and weapons violence in a synagogue tried to get. And since then, the whole country debated: How could it ever come so far? What needs to happen so that finally the last get it: Germany has a Problem with right-wing extremism?

Now the days after a killing spree after a stroke is rarely known that to them a rational, balanced debates. And also the talk shows, the Public are rarely an exception. To debate instead of solutions, was on Thursday evening in “Maybrit Illner” 23 minutes after the start of the video games.

the point of Saxony-Anhalt’s Prime Minister Reiner Haseloff (CDU) was launched. He attacked boldly phrases in mothballs, the politicians and said: “I ask myself the question of whether the assassin is at all still have not been able to distinguish in his isolated existence between a virtual reality and a real reality, between what is shot to play in his computer there, and what he has really shot down as a human being.”

The arrest of the offender is hardly 24 hours since video games can be used again as a possible reason for a human hunt.

Gamification of everyday life

First of all, to the facts. The offender Stephan B. streamed his act live on the Online platform, Twitch. This is part of the Online giant Amazon, is one of the most popular websites in the world and has been used by gamers-popular, now also Videos of the cooking classes and instructions for Fitness to be found there, but Exercises.

in Addition, the perpetrator published a Manifesto, which Duktus has clear references to the so-called “Gamification”. This means mechanisms through which you can get for certain actions, rewards and points credited. They are in video games and the Internet culture in General is very popular, but are also found in other areas of Fitness bracelets to reward your carrier with virtual trophies, even Bluetooth toothbrushes want to give with virtual stickers children a playful incentive to brush your teeth.

With Games, it is not just telling stories for sadists

If Reiner Haseloff on the connection between the real fact and virtual worlds, that is, in a sense, a natural Reflex. It is in the nature of the people, to demand reasons. Uncertain be bypassed fixes, therefore, by conjecture, and sometimes even clichés. Therefore, it may seem obvious to suspect a connection between violence on the screen and real life. Especially in light of the intensity with which some gamers immersed in the virtual worlds.

according to the survey, about 34 million Germans regularly play video games, nearly half of which are Action games where first person shooters belong. Several million Germans kill so occasionally virtually, the number of real homicide goes back, however, since years. This fact alone prohibits a simple causality between the killings in the Virtual and in reality.

From a scientific point of view, the question of a connection between virtual and real violence is not the answer so simple, as politicians claim again and again. What is beyond doubt is that aggressive computer games can increase Aggression – to the Killer, no one is, therefore, but. And not even for the sadists. Although it is easy to see that the one who experiences the Suffering of others as satisfaction, can also have fun at the virtual Kill. The reverse is not true – who’s “like Fortnite”, is not a Sadist already.

The gaming world is white and male

Therefore, it was not right and important that the former pirate leader and now a Green party politician Marina weisband in “Maybrit Illner” the Gaming section of the debate directly: “This means that God knows that computer games are to blame.”

Because it is a dangerous trivialisation, radicalisation can play alone video, or to push anime into the shoes, as it is more commonly done. Such a debate will not prevent events like the one in the hall. That already didn’t work 20 years ago, when Bavaria’s Ex-interior Minister Günther Beckstein the killer game-swung Mace.

This is not to say, however, that in the Gaming scene, everything is fine. Here, too, is bustling as on any popular platform – right radical groups that want to ensnare targeted contact with poor people and their ideologies to win. You the large majority of should provide you with all clarity the forehead. And also the Gaming scene has to evolve with the changing society, in order to provide the right ideas no breeding ground. After all, Games are the top grossing entertainment industry – far ahead of Film and television.

unlike the classic media characters and minorities in the Games they play are LGBT, if at all, but only supporting roles. Women are often staged as a decoration or victims, although almost half of the gamers is female. Different worldviews and religions are discussed almost never.

In no should, we must speak.

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