the Power of The USA is based, not least, on the outstanding Superiority of the U.S. air force. For a long time no other country had fighter jets and bombers with the so-called Stealth technology. Meanwhile, China and Russia have, after all, the first Stealth aircraft.

Truly invisible, these Stealth aircraft are not, you are discover for a conventional Radar is very difficult to. Always knew that radar waves are reflected by witnesses on the other frequency areas, of this flight, only one could win from the reflect wave is not a weapons-grade Signal, alsoein Signal that would bring the missile to the target.

Now this Trick to be successful in China. The state media to announce a new radar system that the Jets of the United States is able to reveal and further the enormous advantages it offers.

developer with high distinction

The developer of Liu Yongtan spoke with the journal “Naval and Merchant Ships”, the magazine of the China Shipbuilding Engineering Academy. The Interview was taken in Parts of the “Global Times”.

the device is a further development of the well-known High Frequency Surface Wave Radar (HFSWR). The main advantage of these systems is that unlike conventional radars look out over the horizon. You can monitor large rooms, without the need for a flying System. Because these surface waves crawl along the spherical surface of the earth. “A land-based Version of the system can detect enemy objects from hundreds of kilometers distance, which helps to extend the range of China’s Maritime early – warning and defence systems,” said Liu Yongtan. There is another indication that here is a real breakthrough was achieved and it is not alone to laboratory tests – such as when the particles the radar.

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shoot down is reported by The “South China Morning Post,” Liu Yongtan have received at the beginning of the year for his work on the radar system, China’s highest award for scientists, and a prize of the equivalent of 1.1 million Euro. Liu Yongtan should be awarded, because its radar system “will be the first line of defense of the country”.

Safe from Anti-Radar missiles

The large wavelength of the radar will detect tarnflug a witness, the special protection of materials and designs to use to make it for radar devices, “invisible”, so Liu Yongtan. Prior to the high-frequency surface waves, there is no such protection. The biggest Innovation of the device seems to include the size of the plant. The System should be so compact that it can be used by ships. A Radar further can monitor an area the size of India, so Liu Yongtan.

Moreover, the HFSWR Radar is supposed to be before the missiles sure to turn off the radar positions. These weapons measure the waves, which emits the radar device and the Radar so. The frequencies of the HFSWR-receive Radar, however, is a relatively large antenna is needed that can carry a missile.

air superiority Struna-1 – Russia’s radar, the case against invisible Stealth Jets By Gernot Kramper

For Beijing, the System offers two great advantages. In addition to the detection of Stealth aircraft such as the F-35 a country or ships installed System, which is able to look over the horizon is very much cheaper than a fleet of Surveillance aircraft such as the AWACS of NATO. Unlike a plane, a plant works 24 hours a day in any weather. The System ships of war, or even on ships of the fishing fleets installed, could Beijing to monitor without much effort huge areas all over the world.

Why are advances in radar technology so important?

Despite impressive developments in China, and also Russia, the United States military far below. Both countries, however, try not to beat the USA in the areas where the U.S. military is strong. You want to develop new, disruptive technologies, the for as little money as possible very expensive armaments of the United States are evaluated.

armour glitch How a Russian scientist Accidentally gave the United States the Stealth Jets

A case, the development of hypersonic missiles that can attack the aircraft carriers of the United States, in spite of their defense shield. These new radar systems installed once and would be the enormous investment of the United States in the Stealth aircraft to China worthless. The decision for the Stealth Design is always connected with enormous cost, additionally, the flight suffering of the properties of Jets under the requirements of stealth Designs.

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