two Times in the Top Ten of the bestsellers in constitutional law & theory of the state and mostly positive reviews: The “GG – basic law magazine” on Amazon, apparently, a lot of customers.

Oliver worm, Journalist and Creator of the “GG – basic law magazine” annoys the.

reported Because his Kiosk-Hit, the full Constitution of Germany, in the magazine-robe (the star), the Amazon best sellers actually just two things in common: the title and the order page by Oliver Wurm.

a Strange set of circumstances on Amazon

About the Online retail seems to be an imitation of the “GG – basic law as a magazine” to order.

Who is looking for in the Amazon search mask according to the magazine, the Original listed. But: After clicking on the product leads to the description of the item and the order will still be offered in other “formats and editions”. Including: the imitators. A paperback and, until Recently, a Kindle Version.


Other “formats and editions” of the basic law-magazine – the there are actually. About: the paperback book (marked). Previously also a Kindle Version.

©Screenshot: the Amazon

The imitators are actually decloak easily, so you’ll be in comparison with the Original, but carelessly: on the magazine of the worm and his business partner Andreas full ritsch with pictures, graphics, and even with an optical design of the basic law, therefore, come the imitators, only with a lead desert.

the worm itself ordered the paperback, and published on Facebook pictures of it:

“it’s been totally interlinked. As has been docked, apparently someone on our Account,” said the worm to the star. How and why, however, is unclear. So or so: The leaf-maker is annoyed. “The buyers are, of course, disappointed. The back to me, but also on the basic law.”


The Amazon best sellers in the category of “constitutional law & theory of the state”. The imitations of the “GG – marked: The basic law magazine”

©Screenshot: the Amazon

: The Original is not only distributed as a Print magazine, a paperback and a Kindle Version. “We have argued from the outset against a Kindle Version – the reader should be able to scroll in a magazine, feel it, take notes. That’s why we have so agreed.”

As the Kindle edition was offered it anyway, but not by the worm, and since at least the 28. May. Then the Journalist had the first contact with Amazon, so worm to the star. Or it at least tries to. So far, the dial-maker was put off simply by many different Service employees, you would take care of the Problem. Specifically, Nothing”, so worm happened: “.

The Kindle Version was apparently from Amazon, the offer will be removed. But there is still the paperback, which is available under “Other formats and offerings” of the original.

“to me This is fraud. This is naughty”

“We can’t throw out,” said the worm to the star, “the technical possibilities for that are missing.” You please Amazon only to remove the freeloaders from your own site.

the Board driver, so it is read in the imprint of a publishing house of Bulgaria. The paperback will be printed in addition of the “Amazon Fulfillment”. Further details there are not. Also worm the exact circumstances were unclear.

“I don’t mean with lawyers against any people in Sofia to proceed.”, he says to the star. “I want to have my Account empty. I want to find that people are searching for my product, this and also get. And no plagiarism.”

protected by Trademark law worm does not have to be product. So: The designed of the basic law, in magazine form and its title. The Text itself is not protected by copyright. It also says worm. The basic law belongs to all of us, no matter in what Form. “I don’t even care if someone makes the Format of benefit. Then it is so. But to sell this sham on our Account, and borders for me to Scam. This is absurd and naughty.”

How many of the “deceptive” about worm’s Amazon page have been sold, can’t tell the Journalist. In spite of the strange teeth, he could not see the. Buyers, however, have also shown some of the feedback he has received. A user warns in the Amazon-reviews “Finger way of fake provider!”, another before of the Kindle Version, which was “mistakenly” offered as a magazine.

sources: Facebook (Oliver Wurm), “YouTube”, Amazon (Bestseller list / customer rating 1 customer rating 2)