“trade wars are good, they are easy to win” – so Donald Trump summed it up a year ago its view to economic conflicts on Twitter. Most recently, he tried to force it with punitive tariffs Mexico to get illegal immigration into the United States in the grip. Most of the US President but for the trade dispute with China is burning. The biggest victims of the conflict: Huawei. The lock Trump has consequences for the consolidated financial catastrophic, betrayed now, company CEO Ren Zhengfei.

About forty percent of Smartphone sales you have lost due to the actions of the US, said Zhengfei, today, Tomorrow in Shenzhen. He himself was not a period, according to the AFP a spokesperson to pushed, but later on, he referred to the period between may and June. The group does not anticipate any short-term improvement. According to Zhengfei, Huawei is preparing for a sales slump of between 40 and 60 percent. Approximately 30 billion dollars we will lose this year and next.

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Unexpected attack

“We have not expected that they will attack us in so many areas,” the Huawei-in-chief wants. The Trump government had set Huawei on a black list and in order for US corporations and some other companies effective the transactions with the group says.

“We do not get any more components, are more a part of many international organizations, can no longer work with universities in research,” said Zhengfei. You would not once more have access to networks that use such components. That you can no longer work with Google is detrimental to Huawei in the short term the most. The Internet giant is no longer allowed to support Huawei with the latest versions of Android and their own Apps. This deters many potential customers. The United States granted a grace period of three months for Updates, is likely to play a role.

mobile phone giant from China How dangerous is Huawei?

The Chinese group Huawei is said to be directly in front of it, to be the world leader in Smartphones. Because of the conflict with the United States to the Development of 5G networks will not fit at all. The traditionally closed company is seeking to acquire the favor of Europe.

By Malte Mansholt of The Smartphone throne is distant

The group had long, self-consciously, wanted to put up with Ark OS the software on its own operating system. App developers have already reported that Huawei is striving to get its support for the niche System. The loss for Android is likely to damage, especially in the West of the massif. In China, where the group operates its own App Store, would be to grow the sales figures, the Huawei boss. The sales are distributed normally, approximately in equal Parts to China and the Rest of the world, a global decline of 40 percent would mean almost the complete loss of the business outside of China.

For Huawei, this development has come at exactly the wrong time. For years the group had put an incredible growth, this year you could replace Samsung as the largest Smartphone manufacturer, was the head of the consumer business, Richard Yu, in March compared to the star self-consciously (here you will find the Interview). This Vision is now off the table. The business of the year should be sagging, in fact, 40 per cent, is expected to Huawei lose even just Apple got second place again.

the New flagship smartphone Huawei P30 Per in the Test: Now the best camera phone of the year? By Malte Mans victory for Trump brings?

Donald Trump is likely to be happy. The Chinese Telecom giant, the Trump-government is a thorn in the eye, she accuses him of breach of sanctions and industrial espionage, also a possible Spying on citizens and government Bodies on behalf of the Chinese government is conceivable. Evidence, the Trump Team remains guilty. No wonder, then, that the European allies consider the use of Huawei technology in the coming 5G-structure, but not the way you wanted to exclude.

So you want to but can not yet write off. No later than 2021, it wants to stand in full strength in the market, is Ren Zhengfei combative. “I think we can’t beat death.”

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