last weekend, Cnetz – Association for Internet policy, e. V. “made” was the talk of the. In a strategy paper of the CDU recommended-an Organisation close to the government party, can no longer be of Youtubers à la Rezo tired of being pushed around and to go on the Offensive – by establishing on the video platform of its own Influencer to make the political positions of the Union of the young, digitized electorate tasty. This leaves little room for complaint. The question arises, however: is Used, the Association is still in the non-profit purposes? The Berlin tax office is clearly not of this view and cnetz revoked the charitable status. The Berlin “Tagesspiegel” reported.

According to the tax code, an organization is considered charitable “if its activity is aimed to encourage the General public in material, spiritual or moral area selflessly.” Especially on the selflessness of doubt, in the case of financial authorities, there are at cnetz in the meantime, however. Rather, the proximity of the club to the CDU is not to be overlooked. One of the Executive-Board spokesman, Thomas Jarzombek, is a CDU member of the German Bundestag, head of the CDU in Düsseldorf, and not the only CDU member of the cnetz Board of Directors. The Advisory Board for digital development-Minister of state Dorothee Bär (CSU), the young CDU members of the Bundestag, Nadine Beautiful, Chancellery Minister Helge Braun (CDU) and Ex-CDU sitting General Secretary Peter Tauber. The list could go on and on, and there are only a few Not-are to be found there, the CDU-members.

club cnetz model Rezo: the CDU does not want to conquer Youtube with their own Influencers, “The C in cnetz is not available for SPD,”

the “C” in cnetz “for SPD”, resulting in the Chairman of the Association Jürgen Müller-Lietzkow power, media scientist at the University of Paderborn and the non-party, against the “daily mirror” no bones about it. Also that the Association of the Union was closer to than other parties is not a secret. Nevertheless, he voted for the decision, the Association’s charitable status to be rescinded, little understanding. “If this attitude continues through”, said Müller-Lietzkow, “will get a lot of the clubs problems.” Finally, the need to belong to a Union is a party to cnetz member.

Against the revocation of the charitable status of Think Tank has filed claims to a contradiction. What makes the design, however, sensitive that cnetz appearance virtually as a service provider for the CDU and the CSU in terms of Digital and innovation policy. The strategy paper from the last weekend, as the Union on the Rezo-Video, and the decline of consent for young voters to respond, nourishes at least this suspicion. According to the “daily mirror” is accusing the experts in charity law, therefore, the Association, the CDU thus, indirectly, in illegal in-kind donations.

“Cnetz” Union is founded on our own Internet Association Of Christoph Fröhlich CDU: Otherwise, strictly for non-profit

another Aftertaste of the subject, because Union politicians had recently created the significantly more stringent criteria in the public utility – usually for organizations that were not acceptable. So NRW was raging-the Prime Minister, Armin Laschet at the end of last year against the German environmental aid, after this had set, before the court, Diesel-driving bans in German cities by the following: “This is a classic warning of the Association, funded by a foreign car company that wants to weaken the German car industry.” And also the decision to take the opponents of Globalization Attac and the tax benefits that took place in the Union more popular.

is likely to Similar as in the case of Attac will now be decided on the charitable status of cnetz in a protracted legal dispute.

source: “daily mirror”, “cnetz”, “West German General newspaper”, “tax code”