The developer of the Web browser Firefox shield the user in the future, by default, more from ad-trackers, the information about your Online behavior to collect.

the so-Called third-party Cookies to be downloaded on the Websites in the Background, in their own “containers” out of which you have no data to transmit can be isolated. For the users no negative consequences should arise, stressed the competent Manager, Dave Camp from Firefox developer Mozilla to the announcement of Tuesday.

What trackers are blocked in this way, definitely Mozilla on the basis of a list to be continuously maintained. The Firefox provider does not go quite as far as Apple, where in Safari web browser, virtually all of the trackers from third-party first of all, in principle, be blocked.

Mozilla will points also in the case of users with enhanced functionality and, for example, the in-house password vault under the new name Lockwise (previously: Lockbox) on a Desktop Computer. A total of more services of the provider under the brand name of Firefox to be bundled in order to increase your visibility.

The Firefox Browser had lost in the past few years, ground to the competition Software Chrome Google. Chrome is the world’s most-used Browser, thanks in part to the many smart phones with the Google System Android. Recently Microsoft replaced even when the Browser Edge the technical Basis for its own development through Chromium, the Open Source variant of Chrome. Mozilla and Apple to develop their Browser themselves.