In the fierce competition in the Smartphone market, it’s no longer just a matter of which device has the most brilliant screen, the best camera or the fastest processor.

Even in the middle class can’t shoot great photos, jerking while Surfing the net and have a huge selection of Apps. The more difficult it is for Apple to position themselves with the comparatively expensive iPhone.

When a theme does not want to allow Apple to depend on but from the assembled competition, data protection. Who is looking up these days in the USA TV or on Youtube is always a Spot of Apple-to-face, in the privacy as a key feature of the iPhone is advertised. The Slogan is: “If You value privacy in Your life is important, as it should be for the phone is important to you, where Your life is.” According to research by the industry information service Apple has taken for the campaign, “Privacy on the iPhone” over 54 million dollars in the Hand.

The privacy notice Apple, but not only by brash advertising. On the developer conference WWDC in San Jose, the group was able to demonstrate in several Demos credible that the Apple services are skidding, no Data. In the case of the Navigation with Apple maps, even the iPhone maker can not see where the User is started and which path he has taken. Also the requests to the voice assistant Siri will not be led to a personal profile in the Cloud together.

The Apple competitors don’t want to leave, however, the iPhone group is alone in the field. So Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said recently at the developers conference Build – how months before that, Apple CEO Tim Cook privacy is a human right, although Microsoft was recently criticized by privacy advocates because of the data collecting in Windows 10, and Microsoft Office violently. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg promised this spring, after the scandals of the past few years, everything Private will stay private. And also Google boss Sundar Pichai stressed to its developers conference, how much you worry about the privacy.

Apple is not the only Tech giant that claims of privacy for yourself. At the same time do not need to contact the company against accusations that the most important Apple product iPhone privacy is not always as friendly as promised – at least if on the Smartphone, the Apps of Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other third-party are installed. The a large-scale Experiment of the “Washington Post”, which was shortly before the start of the WWDC released finished. The Test showed that on an iPhone full of Apps within a week of around 5400 ad tracker scope absaugten rich data, including the location of the device or the phone number.

the Apps, which transferred the perk data, belonged to the OneDrive from Microsoft, as well as the Apps from Nike, Spotify and the Weather Channel, a subsidiary of the IBM group. Even the own App in the “Washington Post” has been debunked by the experts as a culprit. Many of the tracked Tracker were used in ads from the networks of Facebook and Google to control.

At Apple, you don’t see that as a result, although the reputation in terms of privacy risk. At WWDC, Apple executives admitted, however, that you must repair the issue of privacy is constantly, also because the methods of spying are becoming increasingly sophisticated. As Apple offered in the location information only, the Option, the Transfer of completely allow or completely prohibit. Then Apple introduced the Option to limit the Geo-function on the period of time that a App is actually in active use. At WWDC, the iPhone-the group announced the possibility of limiting the Transfer of the site at a single Time, if this is, for example, for the Installation of the App was necessary.

Directly against Facebook and Google, a new Login Service from Apple, which was also announced at WWDC is aimed. They wanted to stand out with strikterem privacy from the competition, said Apple executives Craig Federighi. When the Login-service from Apple, users can choose not to give service providers their real E-Mail address, but it is one of Apple’s automatically-generated disposable address. The Mails can then be used by Apple in the actual E-Mail forwarded.

Apple does not snubbed, but with only the two large neighbors of the Silicon Valley, but also the German provider Verimi and NetID, trying with much effort to establish itself as a Login Alternative to Google and Facebook. Critical is also the requirement that developers must always offer the Apple-Login-Service, if the Apps “Sign-In-third-party services support is eyed”. The SPD members of the European Parliament Tiemo Wölken interpreted this rule to Twitter as a “digital abuse”.

Less controversial, the intention has been included by Apple in Apps for kids ads for external products and advertising tracking to say. Also the Begging for purchases within an application, for example, to new Levels of a game unlock should be in the children’s Apps and Games in the new service Apple Arcade taboo.