Each Whatsapp user is familiar with the Crux with the blue hooks: On the one hand, they are useful to see whether the conversation partner has read the message already. On the other hand, they betray but also, if you have done it yourself and just simply do not have time or desire had responses to. Then much to quickly, “Why don’t you answer? You’ve seen them.” We reveal how you can read the news even without the telltale check mark.

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to prevent blue hooks

The simplest solution is unfortunately also the most radical: he Who is constantly annoyed by the pressure of the blue hook, you can turn it on and off. The disadvantage is that you yourself can then see whether their own messages have been already read. If you can live with, find the Option in the settings. In fact, you get used very quickly to not see the blue hook.

a Little less elegantly: if you turn in front of the read airplane mode also prevents the blue check mark will appear. The clear disadvantage is that you have to pop up when, as soon as the Internet is re-enabled. It is only as a very entertaining solution.

As you read the messages without hook Messenger Whatsapp-founder the Facebook Deal: “I sold the privacy of my users” By Malte Mansholt

On the iPhone, you can read the messages very easily without the hooks appear. The easiest way on the lock screen, but also in the Notification center, you can read the messages. This one wipes only the message to the left and select “Display”. Already you can see the whole message and can even reply without the hook to trigger. Several messages have arrived, you have to tap once before the stack, each of the messages to unfold.

it is Even easier for iPhone users with 3D-Touch, all models since the iPhone 6s, with the exception of iPhone SE iPhone Xr. For appropriate models you can save the Wipe and simply fixed on the notification button. The preview POPs up.

So it goes in the case of Android Smartphones

In the case of Android Smartphones, it is also very easy. A message comes in, you have to drag the Pop-up at the top of the edge down instead of tapping it. This also works in the Notification center. In both places, you can respond to messages quickly – also, without the blue hook trigger.