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Google wants to collect less data – and announces a new camera for your home


It is the Mantra of the Silicon Valley: Everything around us will always be smarter. The Crux of the matter: most of The devices need to send data constantly to the network. Ironically, Google announced on its in-house fair I/O in the future there is less data in the Cloud to collect. Instead, our Smartphones should be smart so that you can process the data easily.

at first it sounds contradictory: to use Artificial intelligence to train, need to be fed the Algorithms lots of data, the so-called machine learning. In fact, many of Google are programs so advanced that you need the Cloud-and the data directly on the device can handle. In the case of Google, only the lessons learned, the algorithm will no longer be the land then, the user data itself. Google calls this the “Federated Learning“ (distributed Learning). Microsoft has presented with the “Edge-Computing” a while ago a similar concept.

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will make your Smartphone even smarter

This has huge practical Benefits. The upcoming Android operating system 10 (current Codename: Q) allowed anywhere in the System, and Apps, Live-display subtitles. Especially for hearing-impaired people this is a strong relief, you can have the spoken word in Videos and also real-world live view. The Clou is: The Smartphone needs no Internet connection, the speech and context recognition happens directly on the device. Also, the illiterate and people who don’t speak certain languages, you want to help. The Google App can now read text on web pages, signs, or in magazines and read in a moment. If necessary, you can translate the texts before.

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in General, our devices will support us considerably more in everyday. “We want to solve problems for people,“ said a speaker on the stage the idea with a lot of Pathos. To this end, Google has improved its digital assistant. After he learned last year, to carry out automatic phone calls for example with the hairdresser, he can now serve web pages in the Background. A command like “book a car rental for my next trip“ enough then, so that the Assistant out to look for a suitable website, the data is filled in based on the preferences of the user and the data from the calendar for the right period of time one of the preferred car Bay. The user only needs to enter the booking confirmation.

the use of the Assistant is to run much smoother. By a significantly faster data processing, the digital Butler responds almost in real time, switch between Apps, performs actions, writes messages, and attaches the appropriate attachments, and then starts even the flashlight function on the smartphone. In a Demo, and that all happened in a row in just a few seconds, so fast you would be able to do it with the Touchscreen never. Strong: Because the Assistant will recognize compound commands, you had to call between the different tasks, not even the Start command-“OK Google“ everything happened like in a conversation. Also auto-reply to messages and Mails that you want to be smarter, in the future, tasks such as automatic attachments apply.

language speaker spy in the house: So Alexa, Google and co. to listen secretly From the painted Mans More control over data

get the wizard to use, you need, of course, but re-users of data – finally, the program can only the information about the user concerns, the knows it also. So that Google users retain more control over their data, promised CEO Sundar Pichai several ways, the hunger for Data of the group a bit limiting. So the user should be able to delete their collected data, data older than three months even automatically disappear. And: Some services, such as Google Maps or Google search should get an anonymous mode, as known from browsers like Chrome or Firefox. In this mode, the entered data will not be associated with the other profile data.

As Facebook seems to have Google finally noticed that many users of the Datensammei is scary. In the last year, the group was advised, among other things, in the criticism, because Position data has been saved, although the users had the says. The new Hardware looks against this Background, a bit strange. In the Nest stroke Max Google combines voice speakers Google Home with a Display and a security camera of the recently independent daughter of the Nest and looks so natural in the home of the user.

The camera image, such as the Nest models also externally as a security camera to retrieve logs, if you see movement or unfamiliar faces. To do the face detection, the Monitor shows the messages and calendar entries for the appropriate Person. Despite Google’s insurance, the camera will turn on only on command of the user, are likely to find many creepy – especially when Google knows exactly who to tap as the apartment. So it is reassuring that you can take in at first, only in North America and the UK, available Max the camera using a switch by the electricity. At Google, especially for Germany, announced little brother, you showed even more sense: Google’s Nest Hub, the group had dispensed with simply on the camera for privacy reasons.

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