The state-run Russian atomic energy authority Rosatom has a new icebreaker, the “Ural”, in St. Petersburg from the stack left. The nuclear-powered ship is one of three new icebreakers given by Moscow in order to drive the routes trough hit in the Arctic.

As the sister ships, the “Arktika” and “Sibir” is also the “Ural” 173 meters long and with two nuclear reactors of the type RITM-200 is equipped. Both reactors generate up to 350 megawatts of electricity. This is almost five times as much as the turbines of the most modern destroyer of the US Navy, USS Zumvalt, can generate. Reactors of the type RITM-200 will also drive the Russian aircraft carrier of the next Generation, the project 23000 “Shtorm”,.

The most powerful icebreaker in the world, military base, Putin’s ice-fortress to the Arctic to dominate

the ships of The series of project 22220 will be by far the most powerful icebreaker in the world. You displace 33,000 tons, and can be solid ice up to a thickness of 3 meters to break through. President Putin said that the Russian Arctic would have the fleet to operate until 2035 at least 13 heavy ice-breakers, nine of which with nuclear reactors.

The “Ural” to be passed in 2022, the state-owned Russian nuclear energy company Rosatom, the other two icebreakers of the same series, “”Arktika” and “Sibir”, then your service is already started.

North Route, and the Gas Export of the Arctic, Moscow’s dream comes true: the Russian Tanker record-breaking drive completed through the ice By Gernot Kramper

These icebreakers are of particular importance for Moscow. They underpin the claims of Russia to the Arctic. The Arctic icebreaker the highways are, where military and civilian traffic. The Arctic has Oil and gas reserves, which correspond to 412 billion barrels of Oil, estimates the U.S. Geological Survey. These ships are backing up the North Passage. Because here Russia is one of the winners of climate change, global warming makes the ship traffic in the North is possible. The sea-Passage North of Russia to Europe is from many Parts of Asia, significantly shorter than the southern routes. Moscow hopes, a part of world trade on the North-Passage to deflect, but the Passage must be kept free of ice. “Without a modern nuclear icebreaker fleet, it is impossible to imagine the development of the North of present route,” said Vyacheslav Ruksha, Director for the North sea route in Rosatom.

Strategically, this sea also has the advantage that the Route is located in the Russian territory. Rosatom Director General Alexey Likhachev said at the Portal, “Barents Observer,” the new icebreaker will be key to year-round gas transportation along the Russian Arctic. “The “Ural” together with the sister of a Central part of the vessels of our strategic project, the North sea route is open for year-round activities. Our goal for 2024 is that more than 80 million tonnes, the North sea freight pass route. In addition, we plan to 2027, two more ships of the project 22220 in our fleet of nuclear icebreakers to be incorporated. The contract for the construction of this icebreaker is expected to be signed by the end of August.”

building a fleet as to the times of the USSR

The huge ships will also enable the Export of liquefied natural gas. In addition to the icebreakers, the company is building a fleet of eisfesten guest anchors. The trade with liquefied natural gas is a worldwide growth market, since Gas environmental burn-friendly than Oil and coal. With the tankers Moscow Gas export from fields that are not connected to a Pipeline System and customers all over the world supply.

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Russia sets on the Arctic. Huge deposits of raw materials and the lucrative trade routes to the North of Putin’s Kingdom forward. The US are alarmed, but the military onslaught in the ice and snow can currently put any Power to counter.

Gernot Kramper