Asymmetric warfare – the military concept, blame the Nato countries, Russia is. Thus, the Kremlin is said to have sparked the unrest in the Ukraine. Similar to sneaky attacks, the CDU sees itself, apparently, tip exposed. Under the agenda item “Asymmetric Electoral warfare” is it going to be at the retreat on Sunday and Monday to deal with the CDU-Video of the Youtubers Rezo.

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer “The question is, with the views of opinion-making: What are the rules actually?”

What Putin is, inter are nice to roll out of St. Petersburg, is apparently, in the eyes of the CDU, the Youtuber Rezo for the Green. In the case of the Christian Democrats has not recognized that the offended comments by top politicians are useful, but the party harmed in the follow-up to the Rezo-Videos further.

Influencer of the Christian Union

now That is different – the club cnetz wants to conquer Youtube and co. for the Union. The Rezos of this strange world will soon occur, the CDU-Influencer contrary. The club was founded in 2012 as a lobby group and a Board spokesman of the CDU recommended-member of Parliament Thomas Jarzombek of the CDU-Chairman, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer in a strategy paper.

In the media scene rule “have at least a perceived preference for green and left-wing point of view”, – quotes the “Bild am Sonntag” from the present paper. “Therefore, the CDU must build obviously, other, own Influencers, the less the preconceptions of thinking.”

Rather like Rezo than as in the past,

How this is to be done, seems to be still largely unclear. The Association is aware, however, that for this task, “not a typical politician” are suitable. A five-minute Video in which a talking the whole time, was yesterday, is it.

To make up for missed time, wants to support the CDU seems to be the Arsenal of the political opponent. For the production of Videos, it is recommended according to the paper: “In #Rezo, you can learn the style: Quick, incisive arguments, sections, Quotes, Charts, music, web communication.”

CSU thinks similar to

The prescription must then be applied only to the CDU-content. In the case of the sister party, the CSU, the Considerations go in a similar direction. Markus Söder referred to in the “world on Sunday” Social Media as the “fifth force” in the state and is the currently the fastest Form of communication. In Bavaria, the CSU will offer a “YouTube – or Influencer-price,” said Söder. You would have to face the digital world with more respect, as Söder. “She is our real world. You don’t go to the Internet, but it is always there.”

the Video “the destruction of The CDU” Influencer Rezo CDU provides conditions for a conversation

With his Video “the destruction of The CDU” practiced Rezo massive criticism of the CDU before the elections. Now he calls for a clear indication of a change of course in climate policy.