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The new Uncharted in the Test: Action-Kracher than half a Portion


An “Uncharted”game works according to the same recipe as a “Indiana Jones”-movie: Lots of Action at historic places, a good Dose of humour and a likeable main cast, finished is the Shack. In the new part of “Uncharted: The Lost Legacy” was replaced in the main cast by a woman, the game duration was nearly halved. Whether the formula for success is attracting, nevertheless, reveals the Test.


The new main character, Chloe Frazer (right) are familiar to Fans of the older “Uncharted”Parts. Also Nadine Ross was once – as an opponent of the Hero Nathan Drake.

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An Unknown is the new main character, Chloe Frazer is not: in the second and third part of the racy power woman with the big mouth, the main Hero, Nathan Drake, accompanied by his wild adventures. After the story was completed in “Uncharted 4”, it assumes its place as a game character. On your side: Nadine Ross, who has hunted in part 4 as evil the mercenaries-Boss Drake through the ruins. Why the two very different women suddenly look together in India for the secrets of the lost city, the player only in the course of the story.


As in the “Uncharted” usual, the players must also solve puzzles – and about this gigantic Statue in motion to get

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The is used to tell rapidly. The mixture of countless Action sequences, well-made cutscenes and moments of quiet, with puzzles also works in the fifth part of the series is still excellent. In the meantime, you may explore as mentioned in part 4 with the Jeep on your own in an open world, this time in the Indian jungle. So far, so good. The fun is in the mix still from all.

The end is coming but it felt much too early. After five to eight hours the story is completed, depending on how much time to Explore. In the main play the Double’s loose in there. The reason for this is simple: “The Lost Legacy” was actually planned as a downloadable expansion for “Ucharted 4” – and was then drilled out only for their own title.

you notice That in the game. In comparison to the main series, The Lost Legacy “provides” not only halved the playing time, but also significantly less very different venues – and, therefore, less variety. However, developer Naughty Dog is not asking for the full price: “Uncharted: The Lost Legacy” is in the network already before the publication on 23. To get August, from 35 euros.


In an “Uncharted”game may not be missing gunfights, the famous shootout. As in the predecessors, it is progressing slowly is often better. Of course, one can not, however, simply shooting straight on race

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the full-fledged “Uncharted”feeling “The Lost Legacy”. It’s too short, the variety in the locations too low. The game is fun in itself, but that does not detract. The staging is, as usual, on the highest level, the action sequences and puzzles, as always, with a lot of fun. For something like 40 euros which is quite a lot. Action Fans with a PS4 may strike, therefore, without hesitation.

title: Uncharted: The Lost legacy genre: action time: 5-8 hours platform: Playstation 4USK: 16