For years, screens continue to grow, whether on the TV in the living room or the Monitor on the Desk. But how big is too big? Samsung has been testing with his new screen CHG90 the limits. It measures a whopping 49 inches. Again in words: forty-Nine inches!

So he is bigger than most TV sets in German living rooms. While the spectators sit, but usually two to three meters away, is Samsung’s Monster with a Curved Display to the audience directly in front of the nose. Completely insane but that is not.


The Samsung CHG90 has several an aspect ratio of 32:9 as two conventional monitors side by side

©Samsung Two monitors in one

Because in the case of gamblers, the Trend that’s been going on to large screens, or equal. And also the CHG90 corresponds to exactly two adjacently placed devices. With its resolution of 3840 x 1080 pixels, he advanced offers exactly as many image points as the two combined Full-HD-screens – just without the disturbing Display frame. In many offices, such a Display would be seen for sure.

but The focus is clearly on the game market. The man noticed two for gamers that are particularly important to technical values. The response time of the monitor, so the delay between a command and the presentation is just a millisecond. The offers in fast-action games. Also the refresh rate of 144 Hertz is especially attractive for players.

Test “Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle” crazy rabbit, thick guns: So you have “Super Mario” played By Malte Mans QLED and the curve

Holt At image Samsung relies on its self-developed QLED technology. Which is otherwise only used in TVs of the company. In this Text, we explain the benefits of the technology. In short, the technology can mimic the deep black levels and brilliant colors of OLED, it achieves but not quite. This is much cheaper.

the CHG90 relies on the dying curve, also has a good reason. A Curved screen offers a better picture, because you are sitting from any part of the screen is about the same distance away. The TV is often not a hindrance, because it always sits at the perfect angle. In front of the Desk, but that is quite different. And in the Play of the curved screen provides even more Immersion.

The flight from reality has its price: a whopping us $ 1,499 dollars.

video game-Highlights Gamescom: killer, Monster and crazy hare – these games are gamers the heart of higher Fullscreen

Assassin’s Creed Origins

Every fall, a new “Assassin’s Creed” – this is the rhythm video game manufacturer Ubisoft was like clockwork. Due to the high number of strokes of the players were over-saturated, but quickly, innovations, you had to search with the magnifying glass. In the past year, then the necessary forced break. “Assassin’s Creed Origins” is thus, in a sense, a new beginning. With role-playing elements and a non-Setting needed in Ancient Egypt, the series should be a new lease of life. To be told the beginnings of the eponymous assassins.