Anyone choosing a new Smartphone, today has never been as much choice as. Stiftung Warentest has tested 21 of the latest devices, between 60 and 760 Euro models were represented from all price ranges. Especially Samsung is likely to bring the result to Cheer about. Considerably worse it looks for Sony and LG.

Triple for Samsung

Of the first six places, five go to Samsung, the Koreans occupy all the places on the podium. The best Smartphone is, according to the test were the Galaxy S10+ (here in the Test). In all the rubrics, it is good to very good ratings, the best are always in the Test. Whether camera, voice quality, battery, performance, stability, or Smartphone features: The s10+ is the very front. A strong performance. The total score of 1.6 missed only narrowly, the “very good”. This has its price: The S10+ costs from 760 euros.

Who wants to save money, with the sixth-placed Samsung Galaxy A7 is a worthwhile Alternative. Especially in the case of the camera and the battery you have to make concessions, for the device with its 6-inch diagonal screen is significantly handy. And: It only costs about 230 Euro. In terms of “good” (2,2) standings, this is a strong package.

+++ Huawei P30 Per Test: the best Smartphone camera of the year? +++

Best Non-Samsung model: Oneplus 6T

you Want to device a Samsung, recommends Stiftung Warentest, the Chinese Oneplus 6T (also tested by us). The fourth-placed cuts, however, in every single point worse than the three Samsung devices on the podium. Biggest weaknesses are the voice quality as well as the use as a music player. Nevertheless, it is sufficient for an overall grade of “good” (2,1). The price is about 530 Euro.

Relegated: Sony Xperia XZ3 and LG V40

Very sad, the Test for LG and Sony will be. Although the Premium models of LG V40 Thinq (490 Euro) and the Sony Xperia XZ3 (from 450 Euro) can score in some categories, to land, both among the last five in the Test. Both of them stumble on a huge weak point. The LG V40 by rattled in the case of test, the Xperia test of the term was appalled. Although it takes three hours of charging with the longest, in order to be refuelled, by holding it less than half as long as the test winner. Both are accordingly devalued, at the end you will share a grade of “satisfactory” (3,0). Worse, only three are cheap models under $ 100.

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